Thursday, June 2, 2016

What Deanna Read #4: May 2016

Another slow reading month for me. It makes me so sad. The adjustments to the wonky eyes with reading glasses is ongoing and I think I've finally got to the point where I've got the correct script for reading glasses but testing out the script and the new glasses has been hindered by the dreaded flu. I've been struck down. And before I was struck down with the flu, I had a stomach virus for 8 days. I have spent a lot of this month in bed being ill. :-(

Whenever possible, I have tried to read and here's what I got through for the month. I think I didn't do too badly all things considering but to be fair, there was one DNF and a few of them were quite short. Short still counts right?

Here you go! This is my total count for the month. I think I'm pretty happy with what I ended up with. I put in a huge effort towards the end of the month and managed to up the read count by quite a few books. I always feel like it's some kind of race against myself. :-/

Don't forget later in the month, there's also What Helen Read and I'm sure Helen has a much better showing than I have here.

What did you read for the month of May? Do leave a comment and let me know.

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  1. Morning Deanna

    I too read 14 books this month I have discovered Downton Abbey on Netflix so some of my reading time has been taken up with that :) but I am still happy with what I read great stories.

    I am behind in Nalini Singh's stories I need to catch up on them :)

    Have Fun

    1. Hey Helen. I made it a point to catch up on Nalini Singh last month because she's got a new Psy-Changeling book coming out mid-June and I can't freaking wait. So excited about that book.

  2. Lots of pretty reads. I always feel the same way about pushing myself. Lots get read but what about all those pretties sitting on the shelf still! lol

    1. I got in a good variety of reads this month plus caught up on some biggies - Nalini Singh and Amanda Quick. Really pleased about that.