Friday, July 5, 2024

What Deanna Read #97: June 2024

In an attempt to try to get sort of back on track, I'm putting this together earlier. Who knows when I'll get it finished, but this is a start. I'm still struggling with trying to stay up to date with my gigantic to-do list, but work is taking more and more priority and it's gotten busier. I'm not complaining, I love my work, but I won't be honest if I don't at least admit that I was a little burnt out a week ago and needed a break.

Here's what I read for the last month.

Husband Fur Hire by TS Joyce
Husband Fur Hire
Boarlander Cursed Bear by TS Joyce
Boarlander Beast Boar by TS Joyce
Boarlander Beast Boar
B Clones by Laurann Dohner