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Review: King's Proposal (Shifter Fight League #3) by Mina Carter

King's Proposal by Mina Carter 

King's Proposal (Shifter Fight League #3) by Mina Carter
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Overall series rating: star star star Half 1/2

Heat rating: Flame  Flame  Flame 

King's Proposal by Mina Carter blurb

This is the final installment in the Shifter Fight League series and we see the conclusion to King and Zara's "arrangement". King's Proposal is a satisfying wrap up of a very enjoyable series.

I have liked both King and Zara right from the start of the series, however, here, I was a little disappointed in Zara and how she viewed herself and her worth to King. To be fair, King has never given any indication of how he felt towards her so it's understandable for her to be uncertain.

King, on the other hand, came up to snuff very quickly and managed to work his mind and his heart around how he felt about Zara. I liked he owned up to his own fears and not wanting to take a risk, and trying to protect himself. Okay, he called himself a coward but the fact that he realised it and dealt with him meant he really wasn't that much of a coward or for very long. :-)

The blurb does a very good job of giving you and indication of what is going to happen in this story. A friend of mine who doesn't like reading blurbs might say this one was rather spoilery. The blurb gives the reader a lot of information but I liked discovering how the events played out.

In the circumstances Zara found herself in (sans King) while she was helpless, she was also a fighter and very brave. She didn't give up, not on herself and she fought while waiting for King. She did not cower in defeat. I love a kick ass heroine like that.

As for King, he really showed us what having the title "King of the Ring" meant and man, he was magnificent. We get glimpses of it in the previous two stories, but in this one, he really shines through. And finally, when he had to mete out retribution and justice, he did it in an unexpected yet fitting way.

I've enjoyed this series very much. These are short quick reads, but Ms Carter manages to make them very satisfying reads despite their length. I look forward to what Ms Carter has to offer next.

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  1. Sounds like a good series :)

    Have Fun

    1. It is a good series. I was surprised how much I enjoyed the first one and the whole series has been great fun. I loved King. He was an awesome hero.