Thursday, November 21, 2013

A 300 calorie day ... what !?!?!

I think I might have hit a new low yesterday!!

I woke up in the morning yesterday not feeling very well and my stomach was bothering me. Now, when it comes to not feeling well, I'm a complete wuss. A lot of people soldier on. Not me, I curl up in bed, sleep and maybe feel a little sorry for myself, but mostly, I curl up in bed and rest.

Since it was a work day, I went to work, upset stomach and all but I could tell as the morning progressed that I would not make it through the day at work.

I left work about midday and went home. Stomach was still not my friend.

It was lunchtime and I wasn't feeling particularly hungry, but I felt I needed something and decided to have something rather bland, so had some basic crackers and some packet soup.

My lunch totaled just under 300 calories.

That was all I had for the day!!

It was not intentional. I didn't feel well, I was stressed out from somethings that happened in the evening, I was not feeling hungry and ended up not cooking dinner. Then I went to bed early.

This morning, I woke up on an empty stomach. A very empty stomach, actually.

Did a sneaky weigh in but weight stayed the same - that is not unexpected, but I found I felt really, really good waking up on an empty stomach.

I did not feel hungry at all and felt quite energetic.

Now, I'm not saying have 300 calorie days all the time, but once in a while, it won't hurt.

I'm back to a normal calorie count diet today, which is my 1300 calories, and hoping to come in just under.

One day of a very low calorie count does help with the diet occasionally, just don't ever, ever starve yourself. That's not healthy.

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