Saturday, April 28, 2018

Changes to Amazon's review guidelines

You may or may not be aware but Amazon has recently updated their Community Guidelines in an effort to clean up the ongoing problem of fake or bot-driven reviews. I'm glad that Amazon is taking active steps to do this though it might affect some people who are currently reviewing products or books on Amazon. My focus here is on book reviews.

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Wednesday, April 25, 2018

Have your reading habits and tastes changed over the years?

Have your reading tastes changed over the years? I've been reading romance for a very long time - since my teens and when I started, I was reading Mills & Boon historical romances, along with a lot of Johanna Lindsey books. Those were what was available at my local library. My reading tastes for romance have changed since then and today, I thought I'd chat about how they've changed for a bit. Hopefully, I can get my thoughts to come out coherently.

Splendid by Julie Quinn  The Perfect Wife by Victoria Alexander  More Than A Mistress by Mary Balogh

Over the years, I fell in love with Regency London and I read a lot of stories set in that era. Julia Quinn, Victoria Alexander, Mary Balogh to name a few. There were some that stood out to me - Andrea Pickens had a series of female spies set in the Regency era. It was very bold and exciting and I loved it. I also loved Anna Campbell's early bolder, edgier Regencies. Those took my breath away.