Friday, February 15, 2019

Guest Post: How to Mix Food with Romance and Suspense by Jannine Gallant | Hidden Secrets

We have a very different kind of post on the bloggity today with author Jannine Gallant visiting. Jannine is treating us to a look at her new book Hidden Secrets and a yummy recipe. Books and food! What more could a girl ask for?

Please give Jannine a very warm welcome.

How to Mix Food with Romance and Suspense

When it comes to creating my heroes and heroines, one of the key factors that goes into making them unique individuals is their profession. I’ve written about everything from a detective to a school teacher to a professional skier. In HIDDEN SECRETS, I decided to give my hero a profession I can relate to. Quentin is a restaurateur and professional chef. Not that I’m a professional, by any means, but I do love to cook. And I love creating my own recipes.

Fresh pasta with eggs

Monday, February 11, 2019

What Helen Read #34: January 2019

Time is flying, y'all. It's February already. And not just early February but the middle of the month is rushing up. Crazy!! Do you ever get the feeling that the older you get, the faster time flies? No? Just me? I seriously don't know where all the days and time goes. Of course, being stupid busy at work also sucks up a lot of time.

Time for another "What Helen Read". I'm enjoying these immensely because Helen is reading so much more than I am right now and I just love seeing all her pretty book covers all lined up. Rock on, you reading machine, you!!

Here's what Helen read for the last month.

Wednesday, February 6, 2019

What Deanna Read #36: January 2019

I had thought that I would have read more in January since the office was shut for the first week of the year but alas! that was not the case. On top of that, I got so busy I completely forgot to write this post so I'm a few days late on it. Bad Deanna!!

Aside from the lack of reading time and slackness, January was a good month with some favorites thrown in the mix and one fantastic new find that got me all swoony over the hero.

Here's what I read for the month.

Tuesday, February 5, 2019

Review: Claimed (The Outlaws #1) by Elle Kennedy

This review is a little out of the regular schedule and an oldie I dug up because I'm testing the bloggity and setting up some automatic posting from Blogger to Pinterest. My Pinterest boards for my books have been sadly neglected of late. Hopefully this will work and you won't be bombarded with posts from me testing things out. For the record, this review is pretty entertaining because I got kinda ranty.

Claimed by Elle Kennedy

My rating: Small star Small star Small star

Heat rating: Flame  Flame  Flame  Flame

Friday, February 1, 2019

I went shopping and I liked it

Mills and Boon

I went shopping! ... for books!! Well, it's no secret that I love the Harlequin / Mills & Boon category romances. They are fun, short reads and they are oh! so satisfyingly romantic.