Thursday, June 29, 2023

What Deanna Read #85: May 2023

Hello!!! I thought I was getting back on track. Slowly, but yes, back on track. But then Steve got the man-cold, and he gave it to me. Only, I think my immune system is shot from all the other stuff that happened, so I got his cold, which turned into the flu, and that became a chest infection. Fun times! I'm slowly getting better.

Y'all, I started this post weeks ago thinking I'd get caught up. And tomorrow is the last day of June. I'm sitting in bed right now with my laptop on the bed table thingy Steve bought me for my post-surgery recovery. I'm using that a lot as the chest infection really set me back and I've struggled somewhat the last few weeks with my health. I'm hanging in there though.

Here's what I read for the last month.

Stealing The Thief by Alexa Riley
Stealing The Thief
The Kingpin's Obsession by Cassi Hart
King by SJ Tilly
Big Brawny Mechanic by Cassi Hart