Tuesday, June 7, 2016

Guest Post: Making a romance sexy without it all about sex by Kristin Miller | New Release: Desiring Red (Dark and Dirty #1)

I was super excited when I heard one of my favorite publishers, Entangled was coming out with an even sexier line than Brazen called Scorched. I was extremely curious to see what it would be like. I was wondering how sexier than Brazen would turn out and now I know. You can read my reviews of Shameless by Gina L Maxwell here and Learning Curves by Cathryn Fox here.

In celebration of the launch of the Scorched line, I am very pleased to have Kristin Miller, another Scorched author, visit and tell us how she wrote a sexy book without making it only about the sex. After all, we need plot and romance too!

Please give Kristin a very warm welcome.

How do you make a romance super sexy without being all about the sex?

What a great question and one I’ve never been asked before! When plotting erotica, it’s important to ensure that the book has an erotic premise rather than simply a ridiculous amount of sex. (There is a difference!) I can have everything planned out, but when it gets down to writing the story, it’s easy to get lost in the moment and…how should I say…jump right to it. To make sure I have a solid story (about more than “just sex”), here are a few things I do:

First, I make sure the couple has smoking hot, burn-the-page sexual tension. Even when I write werewolves where the idea of fated mates are common, it’s important for the hero and heroine to have a push-pull relationship. I’m not talking enemies-to-lovers (though it could definitely be written that way), but their goals should be opposing to drive the momentum of the story forward. In other words, it shouldn’t be easy for the couple to reach their happily-ever-after. That conflict (usually internal) keeps the couple’s sexual tension crackling, and keeps the book interesting.

Second, I make sure to balance the emotional journey with the physical one. Each of my characters has a desire to be wanted, loved, and cared for—yes, even the Alpha males who refuse to let their walls down. Being pleasured is one thing, but being accepted, flaws and all, is what my characters are truly after.

Last, but definitely not least, I don’t give all away at once. In DESIRING RED, Ivy Douglas meets the passionate, impulsive Reaper right away. She’s swept away by a passion she’s never felt before. It would’ve been easy to write a fully-realized sex scene at that moment. But before they can…finish…they’re interrupted. The second time they meet, they only have a few stolen minutes alone. Unable to resist the woman in his arms, the hero pleasures her beyond her wildest dreams, but holds back on his own release. Waiting for that moment is what heightens the climax, in both the sexual regard and the overall story arc.

Best, Kristin.

And now here's Kristin's latest book and an addition to the new Scorched line.

Desiring Red by Kristin Miller

Desiring Red
Dark and Dirty #1
By: Kristin Miller
Releasing May 30, 2016 
Entangled Scorched

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Desiring Red by Kristin Miller excerpt

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Kristin Miller

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  1. Thanks so much for having me! Love your blog!

    1. Kristin, I am delighted to have you here. Your post on how to keep things sexy is fantastic.

  2. Hi Kristin

    This one sounds like I would have to read it with a fan on :)

    Love the question and the answers I love my romances all the genres but yes I need a journey that has lots in it not only sex I want an emotional journey with tears laughter and being able to smile different emotions for different stories

    have Fun

    1. Isn't this such an awesome post? It really hits all the right notes about why sexy, erotic romances can work when the right amount of emotion is involved. Desiring Red was a great, super sexy book too. I do recommend it.