Monday, July 15, 2019

What Helen Read #38: June 2019

As I'm putting this together, I can't believe it's July already. The first half of the year has just flown by for me. There was crazy, manic work, some family related travel, a bit more work, and then settling back home, and of course, the eye surgery. What a nutty six months it's been. I'm looking forward to the rest of the year and hoping our plans do not go awry. What do you have planned for the second half of the year? Anything exciting?

Here's what Helen read for the last month.

Monday, July 8, 2019

What Deanna Read #41: June 2019

Yeah, this getting this post out late is getting to be a habit but I have a very good reason this time. I had eye surgery towards the end of June and I needed time to recover. I wasn't certain how long things would take to settle down so I planned a few reviews earlier in the month first so that the bloggity was covered in my absence. My eyes were extremely blurry for the first few days and will continue to be blurry for the next two to six weeks until things stabilize. In the meantime, I am reading on my Kindle with a GIANT font. And I mean GIANT. Because I cannot see with a regular sized font. My Steve calls it my "granny font". LOL. I kinda like it. Anyway, from the first check up I had with my doctor, my eyes are healing nicely.

Here's what I read for the month.