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Review: Dying To Date (Fated Match #2) by Victoria Davies

Dying to Date by Victoria Davies

Dying To Date (Fated Match #2) by Victoria Davies
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Dying To Date by Victoria Davies blurb

I don't know why I keep going into this series thinking the books are cute. They are not. Instead, they are intense, emotional and heart wrenching. They deal with some pretty heavy duty issues too like prejudice, racial discrimination, equality and freedom. I guess it's because the basis of these stories start with a paranormal dating agency and to me, that's supposed to be fun and cute, right? Regardless, they are a fabulous read.

I had a hard time with this book and got stuck at 24% for quite a while. Melissa gets kidnapped by a rebel necromancer faction and it churned my gut to see her controlled and have her will taken away from her by the evil necromancer. I knew she would be kidnapped, it was in the blurb, but even so, the kidnapping and her being controlled hit me hard. I guess it is the sign of a well written book, and it IS a well written book, I was so affected by it.

I loved Tarian. He is so noble, not to mention gorgeous, but it is his sense of integrity and desire to do what's right for his people which has me falling for him. He's even so noble as to be willing to sacrifice his own happiness for the greater good.

As for Melissa, she's such a great heroine. She's young, somewhat idealistic and naive but a strong, independent woman at the same time. Even when she was captured, she tried to figure out a way to free herself and she didn't give up hope. Even when she had opportunities to run, she didn't. Instead she stayed, and trusted, and fought for what she believed in and wanted for her life. She even fought for a people she considered enemies her whole life.

Between Tarian and Melissa, they have so much honor and nobility between them, it makes my teeth ache. They are such a great couple. I loved them as individuals but I also loved them as a couple. I really wanted them to find their way to their happy ending, considering what they had to go through, which was stop a war between two supernatural races and giving one race the freedom to live where they choose. Tarian and Melissa had a lot of obstacles to overcome and they managed to do it with their integrity intact, no making compromises, no taking the easy way out. It's what makes their happy ending so satisfying.

I'm thoroughly enjoying this series. Looking forward to reading the next book.

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  1. Deanna

    Great review and considering I am not a big Vampire fan I would be tempted to read these :)

    Have Fun

    1. This is a great series. Very highly emotional.

  2. I've read so many from entangled but so far I think I've skipped all of the Covet ones for some reason. Maybe one day :)

    1. The Covet line is one of my favorites. I really enjoy paranormal so I tend to read a lot from this line.