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Review: Wife For A Week (The Bennetts #1) by Kelly Hunter

Wife For A Week by Kelly Hunter

Wife For A Week (The Bennetts #1) by Kelly Hunter
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Wife For A Week by Kelly Hunter blurb

What a fun story!!! I was instantly hooked on wanting to read this after I read an excerpt of the first chapter. It was Hallie talking to the shoes, the witty banter and Nick's size 12 feet.

I smiled the entire way through this book. It was fun, fun, fun, right from the get go and the fun never let up. There were sweet, poignant moments, and warm tender moments, even some rather treacherous moments when Hallie accidentally does something rather significant due to a cultural misunderstanding, but all adorable. I needed light and bright after a few intensely emotional reads recently and this fit the bill perfectly.

I adored Nick. He's a hunk for sure, but he also had wit and charm by the boatload and I adored him for it. You couldn't help but fall for him a little when you read about him.

Hallie is adorable. She's spunky, charming and just plain adorable. Did I mention adorable? :-) She had such a joie de vivre and I felt her zest for life through Ms Hunter's skillful writing. I loved she was strong and independent in her own right, she was not intimidated by Nick, and she was able to stand up for herself. Having four brothers probably gave her a lot of experience with overbearing men. :-)

And four brothers, such potential for more yummy stories .... I can't wait to read about Hallie's brothers and see what love has in store for them.

ps. I told my Steve about this book and now he wants to read it. Going to put it on his Kindle for him. :-) Perhaps we'll get a Manview of out him for this one

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  1. I love Kelly's stories and I have this one on my kindle waiting for me :)

    Great review

    Have Fun

    1. This is a fun story. I haven't read any of her other books yet but I plan to.

    2. I have read a few of Kelly's stories and loved the :)

      Have Fun

  2. Oh that does sound fun. Just from the cover it looks like such a cute read :)

    1. It's a super cute read. That's what I loved about it.