Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Plexus Slim experience - my first 16 days of taking Plexus Slim

I decided to try Plexus Slim after hearing some really good things about it for weight loss.

For those of you who do not know what Plexus Slim is, it's a "pink drink" that supposed to help with weight loss. You're supposed to take it daily and it is to help with losing weight.

I tend to be rather skeptical about these things but I read enough good things about it that I decided to let myself be suckered into trying it.

This is my journey.

Day 1: Was surprised to find that the Accelerator has caffeine in it. I'm very sensitive to caffeine, so I'm a bit concerned about what this will do to me.
Took the Accelerator in the morning with my breakfast. Been drinking the Plexus Slim drink throughout the day. About midway through the day, I noticed that my mouth got really dry, like all the moisture has been sucked out of it. I do not know if that I supposed to happen, I have emailed the person I am in touch with to check but have not heard back from her. I have been drinking a lot of water, but no amount of water seems to help.
It's about 3pm and I'm kinda lightheaded and dizzy. I'm not twitchy or jittery from the caffeine, which is probably a good thing, but I am feeling rather lightheaded. Wish I could lie down, but I'm at work.
Is it weird that I feel like I'm extra sensitive to my perfume because of the Plexus I've taken. I feel like my perfume is getting to my head on top of everything else. Either my perfume is making me lightheaded or it's compounding the fact that I'm lightheaded from the Plexus.
This Plexus thing is making me extremely dry mouthed, not thirsty, dry mouthed. It's making me drink a lot of water. Probably not a bad thing.
I'll give it a few days, but I'm not sure I like this and I'm not sure I want to continue this, given the way I feel.
Ugh, really hating the way my mouth feels and the way I am feeling. Don't know if I can do this another day. What possessed me to try this fool thing?
It's about 4pm. I'm no longer lightheaded but the whole dry mouth thing is driving me crazy.
I've made a decision that because of the caffeine and the way I feel, I'm going to return this product for a refund. I'm not willing to put up with the side effects and the way I feel to lose the weight. I will find other ways to lose weight.
It's a little past 5pm, the crazy dry mouth feeling is starting to pass. I am considering just using the Plexus Slim and not the Accelerator tomorrow. See how that works. I have emailed Customer Service about a return and a refund. I will wait to see what happens with them too. If they do not respond and I lose my money, it will be a lesson well and painfully learned about weight loss stuff.
7pm - finally feeling back to normal and that weird dry mouth thing is gone. It has not been an easy day with all the side effects from taking the Plexus products.

Day 2: My stomach is very bloated and a bit sore. I don't know if it has anything to do with the Plexus Slim from yesterday or not, but I know I did not eat anything last night that would have caused this. I have made up the Plexus Slim pink drink but haven't started drinking it yet since my stomach is not happy.
I have not heard from Plexus customer support or the "Ambassador" that I was in contact with yet. It's been 24 hours.
Only halfway through the pink drink. I have no appetite at all. Haven't eaten all day except for a few bites of toast and that held no appeal.
At some cheezels late afternoon even though I was not really very hungry.
Had dinner as normal.

Day 3: Got up and weighed myself this morning. I have lost 2 lbs. That is very encouraging. I will continue with the pink drink.
11:20am just about to start my pink drink for the day. Will take a slug and then have some toast.
This drink thing is awesome for controlling hunger. Usually I'm hungry by now. I'm not hungry at all and it's still leftover from yesterday. 
I'm still not sure how this drink makes me feel. I keep feeling like I am slightly off but not really. I haven't figured it out yet. I'm hoping it would normalize over a few days.
I'm also wondering, if the 2 lbs I lost is because of the Accelerator or just the pink drink. I've stopped taking the Accelerator because of the caffeine in it and I don't like the way it makes me feel.
12pm I just had one slice of bread with orange marmalade. I feel really full and slightly nauseous.
I think the pink drink makes me feel slightly off. I don't know how to describe it, except that I just don't feel quite right. I can't think of anything else that would make me feel off right now. The pink drink is the only thing that I am doing different.
1pm It could be that I was hungry and was feeling faint from it and did not know it because I did not have an appetite and was not feeling hungry. It could also be that I was not feeling great cos it is absolutely freezing in the office today. Either way, I just had a hot cup-a-soup and I'm feeling much better. My equilibrium has been restored.
I am definitely feeling much better after a cup of hot soup.
The pink drink has a rather vile taste. It tastes like plastic sugar.
3:25pm My appetite has returned. I'm feeling rather hungry now. I would like toast.
Had toast. That definitely helped with the hunger. Maybe it has taken that long for all of the Accelerator to get out of my system? I'm looking forward to dinner tonight.

Day 4: Nothing much going on today. Took the pink drink through the day. Feeling pretty normal.
That's unusual for me.

Day 5: Finally heard back from the pink drink ambassador and customer support. I am going to return the Accelerator for a refund.

Day 9: Skipped 2 days of the pink drink as I was away and didn't get a chance to mix it up to drink. Weight back to what it was at the start. Put back on the 2 lbs I thought I had lost after the 2 days of being on the drink. Will see how getting back to a normal routine goes.
Back to feeling normal though.

Day 10: Completely forgot about the pink drink till about 2pm. Weight back to what it was before the start of the pink drink. I think the Accelerator makes a huge difference in the weight loss, unfortunately, I get too many adverse effects from it to take it.

Day 15: I have not been weighing myself, so I do not know if this is working or not, but I don't *feel* any lighter. LOL. I have 18 packets of the pink drink left, so as you can see, I've been skipping a few times. Not a lot, but I have skipped a few times. I will weight myself tomorrow and see if there is any progress. If there is not any noticeable progress by about day 25 or so, I don't think that I will re-order it and chalk it up to a failed experiment. It's too expensive to keep trying it to see if it will work. I'm not expecting much, I'd like to see about 3 or so lbs of weight loss. 5 lbs would make me very happy.
If you've stuck with me this long, you might want to know that I drink my pink drink in two blocks. I put it into a 600ml bottle of water and shake it up, then drink 1/2 of it about mid morning, before lunch and then the rest about 3pm.

Day 16: Well, this is not going well ... I actually Put. On. Weight!! So far, I'm up 2 lbs. Some serious dieting is now necessary, which when you read the Plexus literature, doesn't not mention anything about dieting. They just say, drink the drink.
I missed taking the pink drink today, BTW, since I was in an all day meeting and just didn't have the opportunity to mix up the drink and drink it.
I have to say, that the fact that I'm missing days might not be helping much either. I expect consistent day to day drinking might be needed for it to work? I don't know. Nothing I've read has ever provided a realistic commentary on the experience. I've just seen people rave about losing 40 lbs in two weeks which just seems crazy.
As an aside, about 4 years ago, I went through losing about 17 lbs which took me about 18 months to do with controlled eating and exercise. It was a slow and difficult journey, but the weight stayed off for a good 4 years. It's a slow process and I guess I'm just hoping for a short cut this time and I don't think this is it. More thoughts as this continues.

... this post is getting very long, so I'm going to cut it off here and continue with another post for the next 15 days, until I'm done with all my pink drinks.

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  1. this was very helpful to me. Thank you. I have had a few friends who experienced the same and some other who were thinking about taking it and this really helped me to understand. That and I have been bombarded on facebook about this stuff.

    1. It seems to me that people who are taking it and seeing results are bearing with the symptoms that they are getting and just praying for a result to occur from their misery.

    2. I am glad that you found this helpful. Yes, there are a lot of side effects from this drink and you do see results (slowly) but I don't think it's worth the misery. I have had people claim they lost 40lbs in 2 weeks and I just don't see how that is possible.

      Facebook does bombard you with a lot of adds for similar products to this, that uses the same main ingredient. I got so fed up of them, I started blocking them so they would stop showing up on my feed.

      All the best on your journey.

  2. I've been on PS for 2 1/2 months already, I also take the accelerator and ProBio5....haven't lost inches or weight. Huge disappointment for me, since I know I have at least 20-30 pounds to lose. I work out 4-5x a week which I thought would speed up inches/weight loss faster, but nothing. I drink mostly water throughout the day and pee like crazy. I don't think this is a product for me anymore, after all the money i've invested so far in this, I could have easily bought another piece of exercise equipment. I am not sure if I should give myself another month or just cancel my auto-ship. I tried to convince myself that maybe I didn't have much weight to lose, but I am only 5'3" and I weigh 175- not a happy weight for me. I have found I sleep better on PS, but that's really all I've noticed.

    1. I'm sorry to hear that this has not been working for you. It can be quite hit and miss with people. There are so many factors to take into consideration. All the best with your journey. If you find something that really works for you, I would love to hear it.

    2. I have a friend who is blasting her facebook news feed with Plexus so I decided to research it and found this article. I am a firm believer in whole food nutrition, eating real foods. I am a mom of 5, almost 40 and am in the best shape of my life. I'd love to help you get your life back. Find me on facebook at or on Instagram @fitfullcircle

  3. Don't believe the Plexus 60 day guarantee (refund). I sent my products back as instructed and paid for a tracking number. I have proof the products were delivered to Plexus, but I sure didn't get any money back and they won't answer my emails. Stupid me...

    1. Have you ever considered Herbalife.

    2. Kristen, yes you are correct. I sent back the accelerator and I never got a refund back for it. Their refund policy while they claim to give you a refund, they don't.

  4. I don't know if this will help anyone at this point or not, I am not a Plexus Ambassador however I am a distributor for a competing company and I will put a plug in that the "crappy" feeling that comes along on day 1 or day 2 of taking these products is a Detoxification, sensitivities to your perfume or other factors in your environment can result as there is a good chance they are a chemical compound that is toxic to our bodies. Consistency is key to any "program" in order to get a fair assessment of the product itself. Good luck!

  5. I have been drinking the plexus and taking the accelerator for approx 9 day's now, I have noticed being extremely light headed, and my moods and emotions are all over the place? I am not sure if the PS is what is causing it, but I think I am going to stop drinking it and see if things level back out. Because the mood swings are not worth anything. I understand about the detox, as I felt horrible the first two or three day's, and noticed that my body functions have leveled back out, just can't knock the light headedness, and the mood swings. Anyone else experience this?

    1. It's the accelerator that is doing that to you. Try going without the accelerator and just the Plexus Slim drink. That's what I did from my experience and I stopped getting all the symptoms you mentioned.

    2. I get dizzy from it and i don;t take the accelerator.. It says it regulates blood pressure..i think for some people it is the opposite..

  6. Yes, it is super expensive. It might work better long term, but being so expensive, it makes it hard to try it for a long period of time.

  7. Any long term weight loss success takes time and effort, and plenty of perseverance for sure.

  8. I have been taking PS for 8 days with the accelerator. I eat a light brwakfast, then mix my PS and drink it all within 10 minutes. Wait 30 minutes, take accelerator, eat lunch, take another accelerator and I have had no side effects. I won't weigh myself for at least 28 days ( really wanna see what happens) I drink at least 5 water bottles a day and that's the most important. I do feel better, more energy and not groggy in the AM. My ambassador said take it after a breakfast and it will help ur body adjust. I love the stuff so far and hope it continues to not affect me. Sorry for your experience :(

  9. Hi, I have been taking Plexus Slim for the past 8 days (with 1 day off because I was out of my 7-day trial pack). I tried the Accelerator as well but it made me super cranky. I was snapping at everyone and felt jittery. So that's the end of that. But I'm suspecting that Plexus Slim may have something to do with my endless period. I am on oral contraceptives and yes, sometimes, I do get breakthrough bleeding, but this is ridiculous. I've been bleeding since last weekend while on contraceptives but that 1 day I didn't take Plexus but rather my tried-and-true Advocare product, no bleeding that day. I'm beginning to think there's a correlation there. I think I'm going back to AdvoCare since I do believe in their science and products and can get more information about their products online. On Plexus, the ingredients and how they are supposed to work just don't make complete sense (especially the BioCleanse which I made the mistake of buying - all it is? Vitamin C which is known in high amounts to cause elimination.. hence the "cleanse.").

  10. I have been taking PS for 36 days (took the accelerator for first 30 days) and I am down 33 lbs. I eat a very tight diet of protein, vegetables, and fruit with one cheat meal a week. I have not exercised once during the 36 days except for an occasional walk. I have not always felt 100% everyday, but except for a couple of days I have energy to burn. We had a mistake and ran out, so going to not take it for a couple of days and I am not looking forward to those days. This is just my experience.

  11. Plexus Slim appeared to be the only one that worked never making her feel jittery. She also didn’t feel like she had to starve herself to do it. After reaching her goal weight she stopped taking Plexus Slim. It’s been five months now and she hasn’t gained a single pound back. She eats better, feels more energetic and is happier than ever.

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  13. I wonde if you just ate protein, worked out and drank tons if water if the results would be similar?

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