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Aside from blogging, I also offer author management and support services and have worked with authors for many years in helping them manage their publishing business.

My services include:

* Operational support
  • Any assistance as required, including time management, release management, planning, organization, administration, etc.
  • Helping to coordinate and manage other service providers such as editors, cover designers, etc.

* Book release
  • Book release scheduling, organization and management.
  • Book release promotion on various social media platforms.
  • Updating new book information on website and any other platforms.
  • Book trailer videos. You can see some examples here, here, and here.

* Social media
  • Social media posts scheduling and posting to various platforms (admin or posting access will be required).
  • Social media graphics design (teaser and promo images).
  • Social media video creation (videos for TikTok and other platforms).
* Newsletters
  • General newsletter and subscriber management.
  • Preparing author newsletters to send out to subscribers.

* Content distribution
  • Bookfunnel, Prolificworks, or Booksprout, etc., book downloading management.
  • ARC review team ebook or audiobook distribution (note, I do not chase readers for reviews).
* Website
  • Website maintenance and management.
* Proofreading
  • Proofreading near final manuscripts for typos, punctuation, and basic grammar.

* Manuscript critiques, alpha, and beta reading
  • Critique and/or alpha reading of early draft manuscripts, including a detailed report of feedback.
    • Critique and alpha reading does not include highlighting typos as I assume this a draft and prior to edits. It is expected that typos will exist and it will not affect my feedback on the story, plot, character development, etc.
  • Beta reading of near final manuscripts, including a detailed report of feedback.
    • Beta reading can include highlighting of typos (some basic proofreading) or not, depending on requirements of the author.
    • Obviously, beta reading without highlighting typos would be a lot faster.
    • Regardless of whether the beta reading includes highlighting typos or not, it will not affect my feedback on the story, plot, character development, etc.
  • If you would like an example of the detailed report, please contact me to ask for it.

* Strategy and advice consultations

  • I have a deep experience and knowledge base regarding publishing in general and have been part of the romance publishing industry for almost a decade.
  • I provide short consultations providing advice on any publishing related matter, including
    • Any assistance in terms of general publishing and market expertise (my main genre of focus is romance)
    • Advice on social media presence (such as, should you be on TikTok), marketing (what's the minimum marketing I need to do), trends, etc.
  • If you need someone who understands the industry to ask questions, contact me to arrange for a consultation.

* Additional ad hoc services
  • My experience and skill-base is quite wide from over 20 years of IT and business consulting, along with operational and project management. If the services you require do not fit into any of the categories listed above, please contact me to discuss the best way I can help you. I'm certain we can find a way to work together.


  • Pricing varies depending on services required but service rates are available hourly or in a set number of hours per week or month as needed by the author. For example, services can be purchased in 5 or 10 hour blocks, or can be open ended based on specific work assignments.
  • If a fixed rate or an exact number of hours/time cannot be determined initially for a service, then it's possible to approach the service based on an estimated amount of time, ie, number of hours, and upon completion adjust to the actual time spent. 
    • If the time spent is less than the estimate, I will only charge for the actual time spent.
    • If the time required exceeds the estimate, I will inform the author of the potential extra time required and obtain approval before continuing.
  • Certain services are priced individually on a per item basis, such as social media graphics and video creation.
  • All rates are available upon request and are invoiced in US dollars via PayPal.

  • You can find a detailed list of my experience here.

  • References from authors I work with available upon request.

Contact me

Contact details
  • Email
  • Facebook Messenger (probably the fastest way to contact me except when I am asleep. Time zones and all that. A friend request is not required.)

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