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Review: Dragos Goes To Washington (Elder Races #8.5) by Thea Harrison

Dragos Goes to Washington by Thea Harrison

Dragos Goes To Washington (Elder Races #8.5) by Thea Harrison
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Dragos Goes To Washington by Thea Harrison

I have glee, I tell you, GLEE!!!

I can't help it, I LOVE Thea Harrison and I LOVE Dragos. He's quite possibly one of my favorite alpha males in all of my reading. I've read Dragon Bound so many times and I will probably do it again because I love him so much. Pia is pretty awesome too. The two of them might just rank right there as a favorite couple.

Right through reading this story, I'm messaging my friend Bambi gushing about how much I love Dragos.

I simply adore Dragos. I'm so glad she continues to write novellas with him in them.

I love the mating frenzy. I want mating frenzy.

Have I mentioned I love Dragos?

Am I gushing just a little bit?

... and then there were a slew of cute heart stickers because I needed to express my love visually too. I know, It's silly ridiculous but reading this story made me SO happy.

This story has all the elements of what I've come to love about Thea Harrison and her Dragos stories. There's lots of Dragos growly sexiness, Dragos gets grumpy, Dragos gets sexy, Dragos is hugely devoted to Pia, Dragos gets protective, Dragos gets all dragoney (is that even a word?), and then there's Pia who is always adorable, something they decide to do which is very exciting, and a little bit of mystery thrown in.

I'm fairly certain I will be going back and reading this again and again. As it was, right after I finished, I went back and re-read the last chapter or so, in order to savor the ending again ... which by the way, was delicious. :-)

If you haven't read the Elder Races story, you'd probably be a little lost starting here, but do yourself a favor and go start the series with Dragon Bound. You won't regret it. This is one of my all time favorite paranormal series.

Really, you need to read this!!

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  1. Oh Deanna

    Hangs head in shame yes I have heard so many good things about Thea Harrison's stories but sadly I have not read any maybe I need to :)

    have Fun

    1. Helen, yes, very remiss of you. And now that Thea is doing a Q&A for ARRC you need to read at least a couple of her books!! Read the first in the series, Dragon Bound. It's an all time favorite for me. Brilliant.

  2. Oys. One day I really do need to get started on hers. There are multiple sitting on my shelves. For years at this point :/

    1. You need to. This is in my top 3 of all time favorite paranormal series.