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Review: Masked Attraction (Pull of the Moon #0.5) by Mary Hughes

Masked Attraction by Mary Hughes

Masked Attraction (Pull of the Moon #0.5) by Mary Hughes
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Masked Attraction by Mary Hughes blurb

Masked Attraction is a short sexy introduction to the world of the Pull of the Moon series by Mary Hughes. This story sets up the basis for the subsequent stories in the series as each book deals with a part of a prophecy revealed in Masked Attraction.

Masked Attraction takes place over the course of one evening as Daniel and Zoe are reunited. Zoe is hosting a ball to be romanced. Daniel is there to get the prize being offered for winning the hand of the Queen of Hearts as being the most romantic man at the ball. The prize is a prophetic parchment belonging to Zoe which has powerful implications towards the magic community.

Ms Hughes does a lovely job of setting up the world for Pull of the Moon. It is a world where there are shifters, wizards and witches. There are rules surrounding magic and how shifters, wizards and witches interact. On top of that, mortals are to be protected and shielded from the magic at all costs. They are not supposed to know about the magical world.

Daniel and Zoe have a history. He was the high school dork who helped Zoe study for her chemistry test and Zoe was the girl who stole his heart.

I really felt for Daniel in this story. Even though he's transformed himself from the awkward high school dork, he still held all the insecurities from that time in his past. Running into Zoe brings him face to face with those insecurities all over again and she inadvertently hurts him with her careless words. Even with the hurt he feels, Daniel is such an honorable man. He's smart, steadfast and responsible. Even when he could have walked away and shielded himself from the hurt, he chose to stand by Zoe and help her once again as he had all those years ago back in high school regardless of the cost to himself. He's such a selfless man. It also helps that he's grown into a gorgeous, hunk of a kick ass man.

Zoe is about to reach her mating age where a mate will be chosen for her regardless of whether she loves him or not. Before that happens she wants to experience romance and to know what love feels like, hence the ball. Despite Zoe's desire for romance, she's inexplicably drawn to Daniel, and despite both of their good intentions romance flies out the window in lieu of some hot, sexy romps during stolen moments alone. Throughout the evening, Zoe's eyes are opened as she learns more about Daniel and the man he has become. Daniel is still the wonderful boy who helped her in high school but he has become so much more.

I loved watching Daniel deal with his insecurities and decide Zoe's happiness was more important than his pride. His selflessness was very sexy. I also loved watching Zoe discover how wonderful Daniel was and that he was exactly what she was looking for.

It made me sad to discover what sacrifices both Daniel and Zoe had to make to be together (those rules I mentioned above!) and I would have liked an epilogue to see how they fared as a couple after their happy ending.

I'm looking forward to getting stuck into the series and finding out how the prophecy unfolds. Next up is Sophia and Noah who we met briefly in Masked Attraction.

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  1. Well that sounds really good. I think I have one of hers in my pile somewhere. I need to dig it out.

    1. It was much better than I thought it would be. It surprised me in a very pleasant way.