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Review: Scorched Desire (Fire Mates #4) by Lexxie Couper

Scorched Desire by Lexxie Couper

Scorched Desire (Fire Mates #4) by Lexxie Couper
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Scorched Desire by Lexxie Couper blurb

Color me giddy!!! It's another dragon shifter book by Lexxie Couper.

This installment gives us a glimpse into the life of a "Cleaner", the guy who cleans up the mess other dragon shifters makes when they inadvertently expose themselves to the humans of the world. I love the concept of the cleaner and I would have loved to see more cleaning up activity, and seen how it all went down, what was done to keep the dragon shifter presence in the world safe and secret.

The world building continues to improve as we learn more about the dragon shifters that Ms Couper has created in this world of hers. In it, we learn something very interesting about the mating fire but I will leave you to read and find that out for yourself. Don't want to spoil it for you. For the most part, I love when the mating fire hit and how all consuming it is. A lot of people may consider it too convenient and too pat, but I love the idea of a fated mate, of the one person who is your true love, soul mate and your forever. And the connection between Fire Mates. If I could have that kind of connection with my Steve, it would be wonderful.

While this was a short story, I enjoyed Jilly a great deal. Some rather dreadful things happen to Jilly as she and Ari work to find their way to a happy ending and I admired Jilly's strength. While she was not strong or kick ass, she certainly did not take what was dished out at her lying down. I liked that she fought even when she was outmatched by the bad guy. BTW, Ms Couper ... the bad guy, interesting and surprising choice for a bad guy. Excellent bad buy though, he was rather demented.

I loved Ari in this story. I kept trying to picture him in my mind with his long braid down his back. I need to go look through Google images and see if I can find myself a guy who looks like the way Ms Couper has described him. He's likely one of the more unique looking heroes I've come across in my reading years. Again, with that Fire Mate connection he had with Jilly, I loved how he was able to reach out to her. What would I give for that kind of connection? Hmmm ....

There were a lot more questions than answers for me in this story. I supposed because of the length of the story being so short, Ms Couper could not fit everything into it. I wanted to know what happened to the bad guy. I wanted to know what happened to the guy the bad guy sent after Ari. Oh, and I definitely wanted to know more about Dorian Stark. I hope he gets his own book cos he sounds damn sexy.

Now for the part of the story that made me sad. Something gets broken in the story. I really, really wanted it to get fixed in the story but it doesn't. That made me super sad. It also made for a very bittersweet ending for me. Ms Couper, if you're reading this review, will you please fix the broken? because it broke my heart and made me sad, and you don't want me to be sad, do you? :-(

I am loving this series. Each installment is a small chunk of sexy into the dragon shifter world, which I'm loving. I hope to get a chance to revisit some of the dragons from previous books and see how they're doing, and also getting to know new dragons as the series progresses.

Can't wait for the next book. Who will it be?

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