Friday, April 6, 2018

What Deanna Read #26: March 2018

As I write this, it is Easter Monday. For those of you who celebrate, Happy Easter. I hope you got lots of chocolate and hot cross buns. We kept it pretty low key. Steve worked most of the break as he's in the middle of a busy project right now. I caught up on a few things but also did some reading. We did have a lovely lunch on Sunday with friends. It was a good time.

On the reading front, March was pretty decent for me. I didn't read as much as I did in February but February was an aberration. I don't even know how I read so many books in the month. I decided to keep March a little less frenetic and took my time. For the most part, I enjoyed what I read in March.

Here's what I read for the month.

While March has been a good reading month, I don't think there were many books that blew me away. I enjoyed most of what I read, there were a couple of duds but on average, it was a pretty even keel kind of month. However, there were a few that were great ...

My latest author discovery is Serena Akeroyd. I discovered her books a month or so ago and I'm hooked on her writing. I've been slowing working my way through her backlist and enjoying the books. I am loving her series Quintessence. This month, two books came out - Healed By Them and Worshipped By Them. I loved them both. I also enjoyed a dragon shifter story from her called Christmas: Dragon Style. I liked her spin on dragon and vampire lore in this one.

Of course, Nalini Singh is a favorite of mine and I thoroughly enjoyed Ocean Light. I find her writing to be so incredibly romantic. They always make me sigh. The romance between Bowen and Kaia was beautiful and tragic. I'm loving the new Pys-Changeling Trinity world too.

The Love Coupon by Ainslie Paton did take my breath away. Flick is not normally the kind of heroine I like but she grew on me and I admired the heck out of her. And Tom, I loved him. Bonus points for a hero who can cook!!

And finally, The Girl Who Knew Too Much by Amanda Quick was everything I've come to expect from a JAK novel. Intriguing, complex plot and likable characters.

That's it from me. What did you read for this last month? Do leave a comment and let me know.

And stay tuned for Helen's reading list for the month too.

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  1. I always love checking out what you have read and hearing about them glad there were some great reads amongst them :)

    Have Fun


    1. There certainly were some good books during the month. Of course, it's great with some favorite authors have new books out too.

  2. All in (Drift 2) by Susan Hayes
    The Girl in the Woods by Camilla Lackberg
    Lover on Top by Kristine Cayne
    Hollow Moon by Rebecca York
    Wild Card (Drift 3) by Susan Hayes
    Three of a Kind (Drift 4) by Susan Hayes

    Gladiator by Anna Hackett
    Warrior by Anna Hackett
    Hero by Anna Hackett
    Protector by Anna Hackett
    Champion by Anna Hackett
    Barbarian by Anna Hackett
    Beast by Anna Hackett
    Rogue by Anna Hackett
    Guardian by Anna Hackett

    Hot Angel by Lynn Raye Harris
    The Shadow Killer by Arnaldur Indridasson
    Full House by Susan Hayes
    Covert Game by Christine Feehan
    Leaning into the Look by Lane Hayes

    A binge read of Anna Hackett, a new to me author.

    1. You had a great month, and hooray!! on binge reading Anna Hackett. I love her books. Have you read Cyborg yet? Magnus is my favorite of all the gladiators.

    2. Yes, Cyborg was this month! Brilliant.

    3. Cyborg is the best on yet. I'm looking forward to Galen's story next but I don't know if I'll love him as much as I love Magnus even if I'm excited to see him fall in love.

  3. Wow! You sure got quite a bit of reading in, and many of those look great. Hugs...RO

    1. Yes, it was a good month. Not quite sure where I got all my reading mojo from.

  4. Whew! Still quite the reading month! Hope April is going as well ):

    1. I did good in March. Some of the books were pretty long. April is going well so far.