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Review: One Lucky Hero (Men In Uniform #1) by Codi Gary #MoniqueReviews

One Lucky Hero by Cody Gary

One Lucky Hero (Men In Uniform #1) by Codi Gary
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One Lucky Hero by Codi Gary

DW Team ReviewViolet Douglas finally has one night to relax; she goes out to a club with her friend Tracy. Violet is guardian of her 17 year-old sister Daisy and 14 year-old brother Casey, and between work and classes, she never has time for herself. At 24, Violet is beginning to feel old before her time. She has no time for relationships, so that evening, at best, she was looking for a one-night thing. Then she sees the perfect candidate: Sgt. Dean Sparks. Dean is definitely not looking for anything permanent: a soldier, he’s merely waiting for his psychological evaluation to go through before going back to what he does best, but a horrific event sidelined him for a while in Sacramento. He’s director of the Alpha Dog Training Program, which helps youths at risk. Violet and Dean hook up, but Casey gets himself arrested and things get even more complicated.

ONE LUCKY HERO was definitely not what I expected: I was looking forward to a sexy and sweet, laidback romance with maybe a little drama, but this book left me exhausted; Violet, Dean, Daisy and Casey all have serious issues and it was not light reading at all, and only the banter between Dean and his mates at Alpha Dog kept ONE LUCKY HERO from being entirely dark, in my opinion. The writing is absolutely impeccable, the characters extremely complex, the background stories heart-wrenching and so true to life, it’s a bit scary, in a way. It is a fabulous story of a young woman who has led a very hard life, and seems to get no reprieve.

Why only three stars then? I could never get into the romance part between Dean and Violet. I could not grasp why a woman who definitely needs some fun, something light and uncomplicated, to forget her dreary life for a while, decides to hook up with a guy as surly and “taciturn” as Dean. Granted, she goes nuts over his hotness, but for a one-night-stand, I expect some flirtation, some playfulness, and there was none of that with Dean, unlike what happened with Tracy and Best, her one-nighter. Maybe I’m not superficial enough, but when you want a good time, wouldn’t you choose someone who seems fun to be with? Dean definitely wasn’t fun. Had Violet and Dean met when Casey at Alpha Dog, then I think the romance would have worked for me because the circumstances would have been different, and Dean’s attitude would not have been an issue. They could have drooled over each other, while not wanting to make a move because neither of them was looking for something more permanent at the time.

I adore Codi Gary, she is a spectacular writer and a lovely person, and I feel I must apologise for this review, but it is what it is: I just did not feel the romance. I could say it’s because I read the book “on the wrong day”, but it would not have changed my mind about hooking up with an aloof, boorish hottie. I also had a problem with the extraordinary amount of violence within the book, almost all of it merely implied, but it bothered me just the same.

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  1. Hi Monique

    It is sad when you love the author and her stories and yet there is something that doesn't pull at you but I think it still sounds like a good story :)

    Have Fun

    1. Helen, it always makes me sad when a book doesn't work out.