Saturday, July 2, 2016

Liz Fielding Read All The Books challenge

As you may know, I'm doing the Read All The Books challenge. Of course, I could not keep it to one author but had to add another one of my favorites, Liz Fielding.

I emailed Liz to tell her about what I was doing and asked if she'd send me a list of all her books which she'd written and she pointed me to her website.

Because I'm crazy OCD, I've set up this page to show off all her pretty book covers and also run through an exercise to see what I've got of hers and what I don't have. I've purchased quite a few of her eBooks over the years, most recently when Harlequin had a fab sale where a lot of their books were $1.99. I can't wait for another sale to stock up on all the books again.

This is everything from Liz's book list. I've marked the ones I own and also the ones that are not in eBook. I'll have to figure out how to get those! I've also marked the ones I've read which is not as many as I like but I've enjoyed them.

If you'd like to join in the challenge, please do. There's no time limit on it. I figure this will take me a couple of years to do but I'm excited about it.

A few stats because I am a nerd:

# books I've already read: 8 (excluding one manga comic which I'm not counting)
# books I've got: 31 (including the ones I've read)
# books not available in eBook format: 14
# books in a box set with other writers: 6 (also not available in eBook, might include individual titles also sold separately now but I'm not sure)
books not included: all of Liz's books that have been converted to a manga comic

And if you'd like to know more about Liz, read her Author Showcase on the bloggity here.

Wish me luck!

* Not available as an eBook
+ eBooks I've already got
^ Books in the 3-in-1s, available separately

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  1. Hi Deanna

    I am in on this challenge as well and I truly thought I had read more of Liz's books than I had so I have a lot to get through so far I have read 2

    An Image of You
    Vettori's Damsel in Distress

    I will have to check and see how many I already have and see what I can do about buying the rest that are available :) that I will get to later over the weekend and make a word doc list :)

    Thanks for the challenge Deanna

    Have Fun

    1. OK these are the books of Liz's I have on my kindle waiting for me still a lot to get but I do have somewhere to start :)

      Beaumont Brides Box Set
      The Bride, The Baby & The Best Man
      The Bride's Baby
      Dangerous Flirtation It All Began with a kiss

      Have Fun

    2. OK I have re checked and I also have

      Eloping with Emmy
      For His Eyes Only

      And a lot of Liz's books are on special at Smashwords at the moment

      Have Fun

    3. Woo hoo!! Helen, I'm so glad you are joining in for this challenge. Thanks for the link to Smashwords, I'm going to check it out. Also, last year around November Harlequin had a sale and a lot of Liz's books were $1.99 each. I got a lot of them that way then. Keep an eye out for any Harlequin sales. :-) I'm so excited you are doing this with me.