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Manview: The Millionaire and the Maid by Michelle Douglas

Welcome to another Manview. For those of you who are new to Manviews, these are reviews of romance novels specifically from a man's perspective, the reader today is my very own Steve. You can find previous Manviews here.

The Millionaire and the Maid by Michelle Douglas

The Millionaire and the Maid by Michelle Douglas
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The Millionaire and the Maid by Michelle Douglas

mvThis is your first Harlequin category romance and also your first DNF. How far did you go before you decided you could not finish it? Why did you not finish this book?

I was 42% through the book when I decided to quit. I quit for two reasons: (1) the book did not meet my preconception of a millionaire and maid romance (see below for explanation) and (2) I found the lead female character, Jo to be exceedingly annoying and not someone I could be attracted to.

Would you try another Harlequin category romance?

Not sure. I suppose I would if one came highly recommended, but I found this one (and expect it is similar to other Harlequin romance novels) to be far more tame than the other romance novels I have read so far. But then I would hate to judge an entire category of many thousands of books on just 42% of one novel!

The title of this book was "The Millionaire and the Maid". Did you think the title was representative of the story?

No. This may be as much caused by my preconception (and Manview) as it was the title, but when I think of a millionaire, I think of a corporate business person, not a famous chef. And when I think of a maid (definite Manview assessment to follow!), I am expecting it to be an impoverished Asian maid who is hot, clever, a real 'pocket rocket' type of maid who is going to use her wiles to score with the boss man in spite of his feeble efforts not to be attracted to her. I certainly did not conceive the 'maid' to be an successful, ex-mining executive who stood 6 feet tall with an abrasive attitude and demeanour! Hell, I work with those types all day. Why would I want one in my house?

What did you think of Jo and Mac?

I found both of them to have confidence problems and somewhat silly ones at that. Neither seemed to be able to break through their insecurities and I lost hope that one could help the other, yet alone that both would be able to get hot with the other.

Was there anything you liked about the book?

I thought the setting of where Mac lived was pleasant and I imagined living there. I also liked that Mac's brother cared for him and wanted to ensure he was doing well.

What do you think you'd like to read next?

Maybe try another one with the man being some sort of special services individual or corporate businessman.  However, I think Deanna has me lined up to read a novel by an author in the US we will be meeting soon, so I am excited to get into that.

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  1. It is always great to see what other people feel about a book that I must say I loved :)I do love that we are all different and see things differently. I loved the emotions between Jo and Mac in this story the push and pull between them and the HEA the setting was fabulous and fro me it was thoroughly enjoyable. I do read a lot of Harlequin stories across most of the lines :)

    Thanks Steve I do enjoy reading your Manviews :)

    Have Fun

    1. Helen, isn't it great how different we are and how different books affect us differently? And Steve is *ahem* a bit of a guy. :-p

  2. Thanks Steve, I also enjoy your Man Views. Michelle writes for a Sweet line so mostly the bedroom door is closed. Also I think Deanna must have been playing too many 'impoverished maid dressups' for you to ever get your head around a billionaire/maid/sweet Mills and Boon. As writers, we are expected to produce a more feisty style heroine these days though the timid maid type waiting to be ravished was very popular in the 70's. I totally get you don't want to read about bolshy women though when you are surrounded by them at work. Thanks again. Yours is always an interesting perpective.

    1. I'm not admitting to any maid dressing up we may or may not do. :-p

  3. Well, one thing I can say is that Steve is not shy about giving his opinion!!!

    1. No, he's definitely not shy about giving his opinion. I find it very interesting.