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Review: Wild & Sweet (Haven Brotherhood #2) by Rhenna Morgan

Wild & Sweet by Rhenna Morgan

Wild & Sweet (The Haven Brotherhood #2) by Rhenna Morgan
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Wild and Sweet by Rhenna Morgan blurb

Rhenna Morgan's Haven Brotherhood are a captivating, breathtaking group of me who live by their own rules, bound together by choice, held together by honor, integrity, dignity and a will to protect what's theirs. Wild and Sweet gives us Zeke's protectiveness and patience juxtaposed against Gabe's wary skittishness, and his tenderness and care as he gets Gabe to trust and open up to him. This story will make you sigh and swoon over Zeke.

First off, I love the Haven Brotherhood. I love how this group of men have come together, to always have each other's backs and those who are theirs to care for and protect. The bond between these men are a tangible force and it makes me warm and tingly imagining what it'd be like to be a part of a group like that. Family by choice.

"Zeke’s family wasn’t like anything she’d ever imaged. Every one of them were unique, and yet they came together in a colorful tapestry that allowed the people within their circle to let down their guard and just be. A safe place. A haven."

And of course, I love Zeke. I first met Zeke in Rough and Tumble as he was patching Jace up after he got injured under questionable circumstances. I thought Zeke was sexy as hell then, and Ms Morgan has upped his sexiness factor by having him be also a tender and caring man to go with the his physician's skill and his protective, alpha male side. I admired Zeke for the patience he poured into his courtship of Gabe and how honorable he was throughout it all, even when it was inconvenient and even when honesty would be less explosive and painless. I loved that he demanded and gave in equal measure honesty and truth in the relationship. It was not one-sided for him.

As for Gabe, I found her to be interesting. Gabe is skittish because she has social anxiety issues and she's used to keeping people at arm's length. She was hurt as a child and to keep from getting hurt again, she's never let anyone other than her brother and her father get close. Then Zeke comes barreling into her life and throwing himself against her carefully built walls which he deconstructs brick by patient brick. For the most part, Gabe handles it well, but there's a moment when it gets too much for her and she freaks out in a major way. But even then, Ms Morgan handles the freak out and the consequences very well.

"She’d fought it. Had wanted to push back about getting to know his family, but then knocked it back and rolled with it. It was beautiful. Such a small thing, but so utterly huge, too. Even if she’d handed him the moon, it wouldn’t have meant as much as her fighting her fears."

"No. She wasn’t listening to that trash anymore. Wasn’t going to let the negative thoughts weigh her down. Not this time. She’d done just fine today. Heck, with Zeke beside her, she could probably do anything."

What I love about Wild and Sweet, and also the previous book, Rough and Tumble, are the protagonists are adults. They deal with their issues as adults and they communicate. Yes, they have issues, some of them are big, seemingly insurmountable ones, but they deal. They don't hide from them. They don't make excuses. And none of the conflict feels trite of manufactured. They feel like real issues that real adults have and then they address them ... like adults. I cannot even begin to tell you how much I like this and how refreshing it is. Kudos, Ms Morgan.

"What I can promise is that I’ll be upfront with you the whole way. If things aren’t working for me, I’ll share."

I'm thoroughly enjoying this series and Mr Morgan's writing. I'm looking forward to the next book.

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  1. Love the sounds of the group of guys. I really do need to find time to get these read.

    1. These guys are all the things that I love in heroes.