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Review: Mr Dangerously Sexy by Stefanie London #HelenReviews

Mr Dangerously Sexy by Stefanie London

Mr Dangerously Sexy by Stefanie London
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Mr Dangerously Sexy by Stefanie London blurb

Book review by HelenI am loving this series and it is sad that it is the last one. I love the people who work at this security company and this one is a fabulous story. We get the two co-owners Addison Cobalt and Logan Dane. Keep your fan on and a cool drink at the ready because this one is steamy, sensual and left me sighing.

Addison wants independence. Oh, she loves the company and Logan but she feels that it is time for her to start a new business. But when a stalker decides he wants something from Addi things go a little bit of the track. However, it has the benefit of bringing Logan much closer to her and that spark that has been there for many years fires up. With the feisty Addi proposing bets that leave them together for a weekend, let’s just say woohoo!!

Logan has lost so many people in his life and the promise that he made to Addi's father is very important to him. He knows he has hurt her before but he needs to protect her when a stalker decides to go after her. Of course this brings them so much closer together and closer to uncovering her secrets and closer to Logan losing his control on his feelings for Addi in such a great way.

Loved, loved this one. Ms London has done it again. Written a story that ticks all of the boxes for an awesome romance. It is sensual, so very sensual as Addi and Logan push each other to the limits of their control and fall even deeper in love. Yes, there are things to get over from their past but they do it so well. There is danger lurking and humour with their banter. I can highly recommend this story. It is sure to leave you smiling and blissful. Thank you, Ms London.

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  1. I do love Stefanie London's stories they always bring a smile to my face :)

    Have Fun

    1. I'm way behind on her books. Need to catch up.

  2. A lovely review Helen. Yes, Stefanie's stories are always a treat to read.
    Enjoy your cruise.

  3. Sounds like fun! I'll have to try her some day.