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Review: Future Threat (Future Shock #2) by Elizabeth Briggs #MoniqueReviews

Future Threat by Elizabeth Briggs

Future Threat (Future Shock #2) by Elizabeth Briggs
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Future Threat by Elizabeth Briggs blurb

Book review by MoniqueIt’s been six months since Elena Martinez has returned from her trip to the future, courtesy of Aether Corporation, and she’s having panic attacks and nightmares. Not everything went well, her budding relationship with Adam O’Neill is progressing, but she still can’t completely shake off her trust issues. Recently, Elena has noticed a black car that seems to be following her, she’s positive it’s from Aether, and her fears are confirmed when, just as she was going out with Adam, they’re both asked to come to the Aether offices. It can’t be good, and it’s even worse than Elena thought, because Elena and Adam, along with their friends from the first mission, have all been tricked into participating in another mission: the voyagers from the latest mission are missing!

I had been waiting for FUTURE THREAT since I had turned the last page from book one, FUTURE SHOCK, which had been one of my favourite books from 2016. My expectations were beyond sky-high, and believe it or not, they were met tenfold! FUTURE THREAT is phenomenal! The new characters are just as fabulous as our old friends, they all have their own voice, the cast is multiethnic, which is so refreshing and not one stereotype in sight. I loved Elena even more the second time around: I identify with her, I want to be her! She is loyal, eager to act, and will do what it takes to succeed, even at her own peril. Elena Martinez has become my favourite fictional heroine. For those who had missed the amazing first book, fear not, you will be able to follow with a problem, as Ms. Briggs recaps succinctly and clearly what happened previously, but I would recommend you treat yourself to FUTURE SHOCK nonetheless to enhance your reading experience, because these types of books seldom happen.

The time travel aspect is even more riveting in FUTURE THREAT, as Elena and her friends go back again thirty years into the future. Not everything is exactly the same, and again Elizabeth Briggs nailed everything. The action starts early on, and sit tight for the ride of your life! The dialogues are spot-on, the action breathtaking, the writing seamless; the author becomes invisible and morphs with Elena. I just cannot believe how creative Ms. Briggs is, and I think her numerous plot twists would keep some authors in business for years. Ms. Briggs’ storytelling skills are such that never attempted to guess where it was all going, because I would have been wrong every single time. A bit past the halfway mark, I thought I would burst with excitement because, in my wildest dreams, I couldn’t have possibly wished myself what happened. Yet, amidst the death, the destruction, and the bitter deceptions, beautiful relationships bloom.

I am not precisely a lover of time travel stories, because I always feel something is off, but Ms. Briggs demonstrates her absolute mastery of the trope: FUTURE THREAT is the best time travel novel I have ever read, bar none! And there will be a third book! Be still my heart!

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  1. Always awesome when you go in with high expectations and they blow them out of the water :)

    1. I like time travel stories but I don't generally read teen stuff.