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Review: Love Divided (Fortis Security #3) by Maddie Wade

Love Divided by Maddie Wade

Love Divided (Fortis Security #3) by Maddie Wade
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Love Divided by Maddie Wade blurb

Maddie Wade continues to spin a suspenseful tale of a crazy cult bent on world domination and the men and women who work to stop them. Fortis Security is not only a team of security experts and kickass operatives but also a group of men and women who are more than colleagues. They are people who trust each other with their lives, depend on each other and are like family not by blood but by choice.

I confess I was very nervous at the start of Love Divided because of the way the previous book, Stolen Dreams ended. Lucy, who has been in love with Jace forever, and vice versa, overhears a conversation Jace has while on the phone. What she overhears is devastating. I did not know how Ms Wade was going to handle her hearing what she did and how her relationship with Jace would play out. I was concerned it would turn into something filled with drama and angst. So I'm  happy to discover after reading the book that Ms Wade handled the situation between Jace and Lucy well. Lots of pain and emotion, but no unnecessary angst or drama. That's a win in my book!

The thing I like about Ms Wade's couples and their relationships is you don't have to spend the better part of the book wondering - will they? won't they? It was wonderful to see how much Jace loved Lucy and how much Lucy loved Jace in return. It's no surprise since we already got a glimpse of it in the previous book. In Love Divided, I loved seeing them as a couple and being a couple. I loved the enthusiasm they had in falling into a relationship after waiting for each other for so long. Even with so much going on around them, the danger and the heartache, their joy in each other is a joy to see.

While the focus of this story was Jace and Lucy, there's also the greater story arc of the Divine Watchers and what they are planning in their bid for world domination (crazy people!). Ms Wade continues to develop the story of the Divine Watchers and their plans, and she ups the ante in this story and further shows us a little of what they are intending to do. It's actually rather chilling and somewhat insane but then that's the case with cultists who have been brainwashed into a way of thinking. I do believe that there's something big coming and this is only just the beginning with what Ms Wade has planned for the series. The ending of Love Divided left me with more questions than answers as the Fortis team regroup and shore up their resources for more danger to come. Now I'm hanging out for the next book and Ms Wade needs to write faster!!

I must congratulate Ms Wade because for this being only her third book, she has created a gripping and engaging series which has me wanting the next book the moment I've finished the one I'm reading. The people in Fortis Security are like a family and they feel like family to me as I get to know each of them. Ms Wade writes these characters with a lot of heart. I hope she continues with that. I am also totally enthralled by the overall story arc of the fight against the Divine Watchers. I can't wait to see what she has in store for us next. There are going to be more shocks and surprises to come for the Fortis team, I think.

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  1. Hi Deanna

    OK you have convinced me I have just picked the first book in this series up (and it is free at the moment) because they sound so good :)
    Now to find more time to get to it

    have Fun

    1. Oh do. It's a good series. Maddie Wade has only gotten better with each book.

  2. I love a good team. Glad things turned out well even with what she overheard. That can make me real nervous, too.

    1. I was really nervous going in because of how the last book ended. It was a hell of a cliffhanger.