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Review: An Indecent Invitation (Spies and Lovers #1) by Laura Trentham

An Indecent Invitation by Laura Trentham

An Indecent Invitation (Spies and Lovers #1) by Laura Trentham
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An Indecent Invitation by Laura Trentham blurb

I got through this book with difficulty. At about 50% I almost gave up on it as I got to the point in this book where I didn't really care if I found out how the mystery of the missing earl was solved because I found the heroine exceedingly annoying.

The story itself was interesting enough and it was generally well written but the heroine, Lily annoyed me so much, I felt the story was dragging as we bounced from one to the another of Lily's antics and I had a hard time dealing with them. By the time I got to 50% of the book, I was rather fed up of what else she could get herself into and whether she'd continue to give Gray hairs the color of his namesake from trying to protect her and make certain she doesn't ruin her reputation.

How do I describe Lily? Lily is wild, rash, reckless and impetuous. She never kept her promises and she definitely did not do as she was told. She constantly put herself in harm's way, which fortunately for her was not too dangerous and she was able to extricate herself from them. One of them was even quite clever while the other was definitely touch and go as to whether she would have pulled it off if Gray had not showed up. There was one rather harrowing situation where she definitely needed rescuing and fortunately, Gray came to her rescue, though she managed to fend for herself quite well there too.

I really felt for Gray. Between his attraction for Lily and trying to keep her out of trouble, he had his work cut out for him. Especially considering Lily was prone to jump to conclusions, do without thinking and broke promises she made at the drop of a hat.

Don't get me wrong, I think a lot of people would like Lily. She's also strong minded, opinionated, independent and definitely unconventional for the time. She's definitely no simpering Regency miss. While I'm not saying I want or like a simpering Regency miss, I thought Lily's unconventional qualities were a little too at odds with the time period and that, coupled with her qualities which I did not like as much, made me a lot less of a fan of her.

Gray on the other hand, was precisely what I love about a Regency spy, even if he didn't have a title. He was handsome, fit and resourceful, and his attraction to Lily was something to behold, especially with him losing focus on the job at hand because he was distracted by her. Probably not a good thing for a spy and it was rather unprofessional of him, but I forgave him since he fell in love. :-)

Despite the inauspicious start to the story with Lily driving me bonkers, it did pick up after the 50% mark and after they got frisky withe each other. I think the second half of the story really improved it overall. I don't think I would have continued had the story not improved at that point since I was wondering after all that had happened in the first half, what else could occur. Between the copious amount of sexy times between Lily and Gray (thank goodness for it, actually!!) and the increased pace of the unfolding mystery, it got a lot more interesting. Certainly interesting enough for me to read to the very end.

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