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Review: Flash Fire (Civilian Personnel Recovery Unit #2) by Dana Marton

Flash Fire by Dana Marton

Flash Fire (Civilian Personnel Recovery Unit #2) by Dana Marton
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Flash Fire by Dana Marton blurb

Dana Marton has surprised me yet again. After Forced Disappearance, I thought I knew what to expect from her, but instead Flash Fire kept me guessing every step of the way, in turns intensely action-packed, filled with danger, and hilariously funny. I'm not even certain if Ms Marton intended this to be a funny book but there are so many parts of the story that tickled my funny bone just right. There were some excellent laugh out loud moments that were very memorable. It's not comedy, slapstick funny, but funny in keeping with the high adrenalin story. Perhaps Ms Marton intended the funny bits to tone down the intensely dangerous situation Walker and Clara were in?

"No matter what her father wanted, no way was Clara going to partner up with Light Walker. He’d suggested a tarantula for a snack, for heaven’s sake."

Walker might just be the most badass hero I have ever met. He's utterly ruthless and unapologetic about his behaviour and he's a complete guy's guy.

"The shorts had been a bad idea, he could tell that right then and there. They were a light material, red, an inch-long lace edging the hems. Combined with cowboy boots, they created an interesting effect. In his pants. "

But he's also funny while being a guy's guy.

"The thought of her long legs wrapped around his waist definitely held appeal.  Except, while he was contemplating talking her out of her pants, the look in her eyes said she was contemplating shooting him. "

"She must have had an odd expression on her face, because he said, “Hey, don’t look so scared. C4 is actually pretty stable. You could juggle with it and nothing would happen.”  He probably did juggle explosives.  Sweet Jungle Jesus. "

And he's kind and compassionate even though those finer qualities are buried deep down within him and he keeps a lid on it. On a black and white scale, Walker is all shades of grey but mostly bordering on black. He's an awesome hero and exactly the kind of guy you want by your side in a dangerous and difficult situation, but I don't think he's life partner material as he is. Fortunately, as he gets to know Clara, she helps him rediscover his finer qualities and she makes him want to be a better man. Kudos to Clara for accepting Walker as he is and trying to change him. Walker lives by his own code of right and wrong, and I loved he does figure out what's right, what's wrong and what's worth living for.

"It was down to her and Walker.  Loose cannon Walker.  No allegiance Walker.  Cares about nothing but his own agenda Walker."

I like Clara. She's strong, brave and tenacious as hell. Kind of like a dog with a bone. She just doesn't let go.

"She was no GI Jane by any means, but there was a doggedness about her that was beginning to worry him. She might be a rookie investigator, but so far she’d stood up to everything he’d thrown at her. He was beginning to have a dreadful suspicion that she might be more difficult to get rid of than he had first anticipated."

Thrust in a situation she neither understands nor can she get out of without help, Clara is tough and resilient. She's also somewhat naive until Walker opens her eyes to the reality of the situation she is in.

This story was one hell of a ride from start to finish even though at the start, the situation surrounding Clara being asked to go on this particular recovery assignment was a little distasteful, but it all comes full circle at the end. All is not what it seems.

I'm really impressed with Ms Marton's writing and storytelling and I'm looking forward to the next book.

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  1. Sounds like a great story I am sure I have a couple of MS Marton's on my TBR pile :)

    Have Fun

    1. I'm really impressed by her writing. I want to read more of it.