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Review: Baron (Dragons of Riddich #2) by Mel Teshco

Baron by Mel Teshco

Baron (Dragons of Riddich #2) by Mel Teshco
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Baron by Mel Teshco blurb

Mel Teshco continues to bring action and adventure in this next installment of the Dragons of Riddich. Personally, I haven't met a dragon shifter I didn't like but Ms Teshco does know how to write a rollicking action-packed shifter romance.

In this story, we focus on Baron as he tries to escape the Tantonics after crash landing on Earth, in Australia to be exact. Baron is a big hunk of a guy at 6'8" and boy, is there is a lot of muscle-y goodness to him! As with all the other dragons from Riddich, you feel a sense of sadness for him because of what they endured and what they loss. But also like the others, Baron is determined to survive and if possible, continue to propagate his race. I liked Baron a lot. He's hot, strong and protective. And even when the odds are stacked against him he doesn't give up. You have to admire a man for his persistence.

Piper took me a little while to warm up to. In the beginning, she was somewhat reserved and very suspicious of Baron. Of course, she would be, he came out of nowhere and suddenly, they are wildly attracted to each other, which is confusing to both herself and to Baron (you'll find out why it's confusing for Baron when you read the story, I won't give that away). And of course, it doesn't help her suspicions when suddenly she's running for her life with Baron because they are being pursued by his enemies. However, given the sudden change of her circumstances, Piper adapted well. She knew her limitations and didn't try to be a hero. BTW, Ms Teshco? That thing with Piper and her hair? I knew what you were planning from the start. I *KNEW* it!! :-p

I had wondered how Ms Teshco was going to make Baron's life difficult and keep it fresh since we've already had books with the Tantonics chasing the heroes here there and everywhere, and Ms Teshco didn't disappoint. Ms Teshco has done an excellent job of making her bad guys really bad. :-) I really hate them. The Tantonics are an evil, selfish race of aliens intent on annihilating the dragons for their own gain, and the Paranormal Detection Agency (PDA) are similarly evil while intent on using the paranormal creatures they capture for their own selfish ends. Megalomaniacs hellbent on ruling the world seems to be a common theme for people's evil intentions.

I'm enjoying this series tremendously. I want to find out what happens to all the dragons who landed on Earth but more than anything I want to see them happy and settled and not constantly running for their lives because even though they find happiness with their mates danger still continues to stalk them. I would like them to find peace.

And finally, I want to know how Ms Teshco reconciles the fact that the heroines are human and live normal lifespans with the long-lived dragons who could potentially live forever because it would suck if one of them died too soon before the other. That's just me wanting them to be happy, together, forever.

Keep writing, Ms Teshco. I want more dragons!

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  1. Great review sounds like another fab story :)

    Have Fun

  2. Ooo yeah that would suck for sure. I do love a good dragon. Noms! The covers are fantastic, too!

  3. Thanks so much for you review Deanna, thrilled you're enjoying the dragons x