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Review: The Sheikh's Unsuitable Bride by Liz Fielding (Mills and Boons comics)

The Sheikh's Unsuitable Bride by Liz Fielding

The Sheikh's Unsuitable Bride by Liz Fielding
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The Sheikh's Unsuitable Bride by Liz Fielding blurb

I love Liz Fielding and as a kid, I used to love the Japanese manga comics, so when I saw Liz had a book in manga format, I jumped on it to try. I mean, two of my favorite things together, romance and comics. Win!

This is a very interesting read for me. It's not like reading a book because well, it's not. It's a quick read. Not that the comic itself is short, but by nature, it's just a quick read because the story is told more in pictures and supplemented by a few words in dialogue between the two main characters.

I felt I was missing a lot of the emotion and the beauty of Liz's writing in reading the story as a comic.

It was also difficult to know how the characters truly looked since the images were in black and white. If not for the cover, I would not have known Diana was a blonde. I had assumed Zahir would be dark and have dark hair since he was Middle Eastern.

I loved the pictures of Diana, the Japanese manga style drawings always create beautifully feminine looking female images. As for Zahir, I think the Japanese manga drawing style did not do him justice. I do not know how Liz described him in the book (if there is a book, I will have to check!) but in my mind, I'm imagining or rather expecting someone who is a lot more masculine looking than the pictures depict him.

When it came to the images, they were lovely and well drawn but again, I felt looking at the pictures, I was not feeling anything. When I read words, I associate the words with feelings, and my emotions are engaged and those emotions trigger feelings inside of me which bubble up as I read. I didn't feel any emotions while I was reading the manga comic. Even with the wonderful drawings, I wanted more from it.

As to the characters of Diana and Zahir, I felt I could not connect with them without the words and only pictures. Were they kind people? Did they have good hearts? What motivates Zahir? Is he commanding? I wanted to know more of who they were and I felt the pictures didn't give me the depth I get from reading a normal book.

Don't get me wrong, for all that I found missing with the format of the story being told, I enjoyed flicking through it, looking at the pictures and reading it. It was a fun, quick read.

I think I would like to see if I can get a copy of the original book if there's one and read the book itself. I still want to know more about Diana and Zahir than the comic book version gave me.

And one final thing, at the end of the comic, Zahir gives Diana a gift. There was no context to the gift and you could not tell from the comic when the gift was given and why. I found the gift itself and the timing (based on the comic) very confusing. Just so you know, (I had to check!) the gift was given after the wedding as a fun thing for Diana and not in London which was what it seemed like in the comic.

UPDATE: I got a copy of the original book and read it. It was great. Full review to come.

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  1. Hi Deanna

    I have a few of these types of books on my kindle but have not had a good look at them yet I still think I prefer a book and seeing as how my kindle is all black and white not sure how it will be I should open them on my tablet :)

    Have Fun

    BTW I tool love Liz's stories :)

    1. Hmmmm .... I can't remember now if the drawings were in black and white or in color. I'll need to go back and check.

      Liz is awesome!!

  2. Well that's too bad. It sounds like a neat combination but I think I probably would have had trouble with some of that, too.

    1. The book itself was definitely much better.

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