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Author Interview: Maddie Wade | Balancing full time work and writing | New Release: Heartbreaker

I'm delighted to have Maddie Wade join me here at Deanna's World to talk about her writing and publishing journey. The ups and the downs. What it means to be a full time mum, work full time, and write. Please give Maddie a very warm welcome.

Heartbreaker by Maddie Wade and Pavan Kaur

By: Maddie Wade and Pavan Kaur
Releasing April 30, 2018

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Heartbreaker by Pavan Kaur and Maddie Wade blurb


Hi Maddie, welcome to Deanna's World. Thank you for visiting the blog. As you know, I'm a fan of your Fortis Security books and it's come to my attention that not only are you a writer, but you also have a full time job, and teenage kids. That's quite a load. I'd like to ask you a few questions about it, if I may.

I’m happy to be here!!

For starters, please tell me a little about yourself.
Well I’m a married mum of three gorgeous kids. Hubby and I met 18 years ago when we worked next door to each other. I hated his bright shirts but loved his dark good looks and how special he made me feel. My kids are 13 and 8, and yes I have twins, which account for the grey hair I now have to colour. I work as an admin manager for a medical company and write in the evenings, in between cooking and Mum stuff. I am a huge reader and still consider myself a reader first. My home town is a beautiful county between Wales and the West Midlands, and is also where the Fortis Security series is set.

Were you working full time when you decided to start writing? How did that factor into your decision? And making time for it?
I was not working when I started writing, but went back around six months later. I always kick myself that I didn’t start earlier but things happen for a reason and it happened when it was meant too.

How did you get started with writing? What was your motivation? When do you write? Tell me a little about your writing journey.
I started writing after several conversations with hubby. I told him about about some weird dream I had had, he said it would make a good book and the idea stuck. I spoke to a few author friends and they said just give it a go, so I did. I normally write in the evenings or weekends, holidays, etc. Whenever I can really. It can be tough if I am tired from work, but I keep pushing through because essentially I love it.

Are you still working full time now? What do you do and how do you juggle writing, working, and being a mom? What do you do to keep balance in your life?
Yes, currently still at the day job full time, but the dream is to go full time as an author in the future, hopefully, sooner rather than later. Juggling is tricky, the kids always want your attention for homework or just to be entertained, so I have to learn when to put the laptop down and be Mum. I write when they are in bed or settled, and always try and give at least an hour to hubby to watch tv or just catch up. I won’t say it isn’t tiring because it really is, but I do what I love so that one day I can do it full time. Sort of a greater good mentality at the moment.

Can you tell me a bit about your future plans? You've now published five books in the Fortis Security series and I hear you're working on a contemporary romance. What do you hope to accomplish this year?
I plan to finish the Fortis Security series and then start with Eidolon and Zenobi, two spin-off series from the Fortis books. I am, as you say, writing something a bit different with a Contemporary novel which I’m excited about as this story won't go away and I  am getting fantastic feedback.  I also want to do an Motorcycle Club book and have something in the pipeline for a Paranormal Romance but that’s a bit hush hush.

What's the most rewarding thing you find about your writing? And your most challenging?
Most rewarding is without a doubt the feedback I get from readers. Just tonight I had a message saying how well my latest book was being received, which is an awesome feeling. Also, the friends I have made along the way. They are phenomenal.

Most challenging is the marketing and promo, wearing so many hats is a tricky.

And finally, do you have any tips for first time or new and aspiring authors?
My tips are to write, you can edit something, but you can’t edit nothing. Also, grow a thick skin and learn from other indies. They are a great community and are always eager to help each other.

Maddie, thank you for joining us today and congrats on the release of Heartbreaker.

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  1. Great interview Ladies


    You sound like a very busy Lady and this series is one I must read I have the first one waiting for me :)

    Have Fun


    1. Oh yes, I do love learning more about authors and their lives. You should get to the Fortis series. It's a lot of fun.

  2. It's always nice to find out more about an author and what else they do with their time.