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Manview: A Cold Dark Place (Cold Justice #1) by Toni Anderson

Welcome to another Manview. For those of you who are new to Manviews, these are reviews of romance novels specifically from a man's perspective, the reader today is my very own Steve. You can find previous Manviews here.

A Cold Dark Place by Toni Anderson

A Cold Dark Place (Cold Justice #1) by Toni Anderson
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A Cold Dark Place by Toni Anderson blurb

ManviewIn one or two sentences can you sum up your overall impression of this book and how you feel about it?

One of the most intriguing and difficult-to-resolve set of relationships issues in any book I have read. I was anxious to find out how the author would resolve them and provide us a happy ending and she, Ms Anderson, did so brilliantly.

What did you think of Alex and Mallory?

I liked both of them a lot. What I liked was that neither thought too much of themselves, were both very humble, were good people, but each had an area in life they were not happy with, and they ultimately got over them in a mature manner. I also liked that they wanted each other and both went after the other; no pussy-footing around!

What did you think of the suspense in this story? Did it grip you?

Definitely. There were so many intertwined story lines and people cross-spying on each other or others spying on them or their targets, it required a bit of brain power to keep it all straight. Yet, the story was plausibly built, delivered and resolved and each sub-story resolved to their own conclusions.

What did you think of the multiple angles of investigations that was going on within the story?

Complicated! I was certain our hero and heroine would each or either be so pissed off at the other, they could never achieve a happy ending. I was concerned I would need to get through 20% of the book with the main characters dealing with so much angst that I would get annoyed, but it never came. The 'truths' they needed to tell each other were dealt with nicely.

How do you think Mallory's obsession with the person who abducted her sister affected her life choices and decisions?

This was a difficult decision, made more so by being an identical twin, so the guilt was even higher as to 'why her and not me?' No matter how many years pass, people need resolution and Mallory and the family finally achieved that.

What did you think of Alex's "job" for the Gateway Project and how he had to conduct himself?

It played out well. He used his cover and his company nicely a few times to help in his investigations (of which he had a few going on).

Do you think either Alex's or Mallory's loyalties were compromised because of their relationship with each other?

Yes, but they were aware of that and tried to handle it with the most integrity they could bring to it. But there is no question their heat for each other was constantly a raging fire and the animal in them won out a few times. Fortunately when it did, it did not hurt the relationship or their investigations.

Do you think you'd like to read the other books in this series by Toni Anderson?

I would be interested to do so. I liked the complexity of her story and the many dimensions that were in play at one time. Some romance novels only use the story line to crank out the romance novel formulation of a happy ending, but this story was a great murder mystery on its own. The romance and happy ending were a bonus!

What are you reading next?

I have been offered a book about Sheiks, but I refuse to believe any Sheik could actually achieve the high qualities required to be a romance novel boyfriend, so I am passing on that. Not sure what the next read will be.

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  1. Great review sounds like one I need to add to the must get list :)

    Have Fun

    1. This is a fantastic romantic suspense story. It had me at the edge of my seat.

  2. I'm heavily involved in reading thrillers and spy stories, but most of them are super heavy on action and government secrets, so I don't see a lot of romance. That being said, I used to read a lot romantic suspense stories that were heavy on the romance and skimpy on the spy stuff. This sounds like a good balance that I would definitely enjoy. Thanks for your thoughts. Hugs...RO

    1. I like a good balance between the romance and the suspense in mine. This one was good.

  3. Man views are the best views lol. Nah, both are good but a different opinion sure is fun

    1. LOL. I love the Manviews. They are always so fun.

  4. Oh this one sounds really good. I'll be adding this to my wish list.

    1. This one is really good. Heart pounding stuff.

  5. Sounds great! Steve writes well, doesn't he?

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