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Review: SEAL Encounter (SEAL Brotherhood #0.5) by Sharon Hamilton

SEAL Encounter by Sharon Hamilton

SEAL Encounter (SEAL Brotherhood #0.5) by Sharon Hamilton
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SEAL Encounter by Sharon Hamilton

This is a quick little primer into the world of the SEAL Brotherhood, introducing the SEAL Team III guys and the first couple of the series, Christy and Kyle. We also get a little hint leading into the mystery which centers around the first book Accidental SEAL.

Kyle and Christy are both on their way to San Diego for different reasons. One to decompress after a tour in Afghanistan, one to settle the estate and affairs of her deceased mother.

Kyle and Christy don't get to meet in SEAL Encounter. Instead they have a few missed encounters and a sense of deja vu as they keep missing each other over and over again. I'd be interested in seeing how they do meet when I read Accidental SEAL, the first book in the series.

One thing which I found very memorable was Kyle tattoo of the three toed feet up his arm. They had me very intrigued and checking out the book cover for a closer look. Those little feet are super cute. I'd love to see them on a real guy.

This little introduction to the series was promising. I'm looking forward to reading Accidental SEAL.

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  1. Always enjoy a good Seal story! Hugs...RO

    1. Yeah, SEAL stories are always an almost insta-buy for me.

  2. Replies
    1. Yeah, I was looking real up close to check it out.

  3. That sounds good and sound like it'll be a good series as well.