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Review: Ice Wolf (Arctic Brotherhood #1) by Jane Godman

Ice Wolf by Jane Godman

Ice Wolf (Arctic Brotherhood #1) by Jane Godman
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Ice Wolf by Jane Godman blurb

Ice Wolf is a captivating start to the Arctic Brotherhood series which mixes Norse gods and mythology with werewolves for an enjoyable, action-packed story.

I love when authors build a paranormal world and add mythology into the mix. Ms Godman seamlessly blends the creation of werewolves and their history with the Norse legends of Fenrir and other Norse gods. This adds depth and dimension beyond your average werewolf story.

Elliott Wilder is a loner. He has been brutally damaged in a fight a long time ago and now chooses to stay apart from his werewolf brothers and humans. Alas, duty and leadership call upon him and he is bound to answer. I loved Wilder. For a tortured hero, he was remarkably well adjusted and capable. He led with strength and heart, and he stepped outside of his own comfort zone for the greater good. Of course, Jenny takes him completely by surprise. It hurt me when he felt he didn't deserve happiness or forgiveness and I'm glad he eventually found a way of lightening the burden he carried around with him.

Jenny is a breath of fresh air. She's bright, intelligent and capable. She's also open and giving. She has such a generous heart and spirit. She's also strong, brave and a wonderful addition to the Brotherhood of the Midnight Sun. Hooray for diversity!! I felt for her when she was confused about Wilder and his feelings for her. Silly men. They always take too long to come to their senses.

What surprised me the most was the plot twist in the middle of the story. At one point, I thought the story was going way too fast and coming to a rather rapid end, but Ms Godman surprised me. I was not expecting the plot twist even though she had sprinkled a little clue along the way for us.

I enjoyed this start to the Arctic Brotherhood series and I'm definitely going to read about the rest of the werewolves in the Brotherhood.

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  1. I love that kind of combination. Mythology and wolves, sounds good to me.

    1. I really enjoyed that combination too. Fun story.

  2. Oh I'd very nearly done this one. Darn. It sounds fun!

    1. It was fun. You should do it if you get a chance.