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Review: Private Reserve (Dossier #1) by Cathryn Fox

Private Reserve by Cathryn Fox

Private Reserve (Dossier #1) by Cathryn Fox
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Private Reserve by Cathryn Fox blurb

Private Reserve is hot, dirty, sexy, and it's classic Cathryn Fox. What you get is smoking hot sex in this story!!

Private Reserve is a short, sexy and a lot of fun if you like your heroes dominant and dirty. Gio is one heck of a dirty boy and I loved him. But aside from being a hot, dominant lover, he's also caring, protective and sweet. It's an intoxicating combination.

I loved Olivia. She's sweet and a good girl but deep inside her, she wants to be bad and dominated by her lover, only she's never been able to voice those desires. It was lovely to see Olivia finally let loose and embrace those desires she's always had and get the things she's always wanted.

And add Luca (I won't say who Luca is so you can be surprised!) to the mix and they make for one heck of a sexy menage.

This is a fantastic quick read that will knock the breath out of you or at the very least make you blush a little. I'm looking forward to more from the series from Ms Fox.

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