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Review: The Nanny Arrangement (Country Blues #2) by Rachel Harris

The Nanny Arrangement by Rachel Harris

The Nanny Arrangement (Country Blues #2) by Rachel Harris
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The Nanny Arrangement by Rachel Harris blurb

The Nanny Arrangement is a sweet, fun and flirty romance about unrequited love and second chances. Throw in a precocious two year old toddler and two matchmaking friends, and this story is beyond adorable.

I loved both Deacon and Hannah. Hannah because she is so incredibly sweet, giving and kind, but also because she is brave. She recognised what she wanted out of her life, and what she wanted was Deacon. She made a plan to go after her dreams despite her fears and the fact that everything could blow up in her face. It takes guts when you've been bullied your whole life and when you're shy to be able to do what Hannah did and I applaud her for it.

As for Deacon, poor misguided Deacon. He carried so much guilt around and so much fear of not ever being good enough or worthy of love. But on top of that, he's a great guy, who defended Hannah from bullies right through high school and was her personal "Superman". He's also hardworking and an overachiever, so fearful of rejection and failing that he put in the extra mile in order to excel, which he does. When he finally realises he's worthy of love and he loves Hannah, it was lovely to see. I was so happy for him for finally realising his own worth.

Another thing I loved in this story was the pop culture references. I even got the obscure Friends reference to the lobster because I'm in the process of rewatching all the Friends episodes and we recently watched that particular episode. Those references tickled me pink.

This was a total feel good story. It ticks all my boxes for something sweet, cute, heartwarming and lovely, and it was exactly what I needed. I'm thinking I might go back at some point and read Charlie and Arabella's story.

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  1. Sounds like one I would really enjoy

    Have Fun


    1. This was a super fun read. I really enjoyed it. I hope you read it too.