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Review: The Desert King's Captive Bride by Annie West #HelenReviews

The Desert King's Captive Bride by Annie West

The Desert King's Desert Bride by Annie West
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The Desert King's Captive Bride by Annie West blurb

Book review by HelenThis is a sensual, sizzling, fabulous story. Ms West has never disappointed me with one of her stories and I really think that she just nailed this one. It really ticks all of the boxes for a fantastic romance that will have you turning the pages to see how these two get to their HEA. Sit back and enjoy! You will not want to be disturbed.

Princess Ghizlan of Jeirut has arrived home after the death of her father only to find that the palace and homeland has been “taken over” by none other than warrior Huseyn al Rasheed known as The Iron Hand of Jumeah. He is there to convince her to marry him for the kingdom to keep the peace and keep the people safe but Ghizlan is strong and determined that now is her time to be free not ruled by someone else. However, there is this spark between them and this pull towards him. Something out of character for an innocent.

When Huseyn meets the beautiful, elegant, cultured and well-educated Ghizlan he immediately wants her. There is a shot of electricity that stuns him but they are two very different people. He was born on the wrong side of the blanket and has had to work for everything he has, whereas she has had everything. But he convinces her that marriage is for the best and as he gets to know her, he realizes that she is a lot more then she seems.

The sensual pull between Huseyn and Ghizlan sent shivers up my spine. This one is magical as they journey to a HEA that sees them both learn, and open up, and fall in love so beautifully. I loved Huseyn. He is so strong but so caring as well, he could be my hero any day and Ghizlan, I loved the courage she shows, her pride and her feisty character that makes Huseyn love her more. Seeing them realize their love had me smiling and sighing. It was so beautifully done. I highly recommend this one. Such an awesome story! Thank you, Ms West for another keeper.

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  1. Annie West writes stories that will take you on magical journeys to near and far places with characters that come to life on the pages, her stories are a must read for me and I can highly recommend them :)

    Have Fun

    1. I need to read one of Annie's books. The heroine here sounds wonderful.