Friday, April 8, 2016

Insta-Week #2: In which there are flubombs

This is me working on being consistent and hoping I have lots of pictures to share. I might need to get even more snap happy than I already am. I also need to branch out beyond food pictures. :-)

So here's my last week in Instagram pictures. I hope you enjoy them.

Foggy driving conditions  Rainy driving on road
Each week, we drive down into the city from our home for work. We stay usually Sunday evening through Thursday evening, but this week Steve decided he wanted to stay an extra night at home, so we left early on Monday morning. We got greeted with first fog, then pelting rain. A wonderful start to the week.

Stuck in traffic
Then we got what I called the Monday morning trifecta. Fog, rain and TRAFFIC. So much traffic!!!

Choosing doors
Progress on the carport continues. We went out looking for doors on the weekend. We settled on the ones on the left. They looked closest to the front door and it came unstained, so we could stain them to match the house.

Cheese and antipasto platter
We had some cheese leftover, so I threw together an antipasto platter for lunch one day. Just a few bits and pieces. Turned out delish. We're out of cheese now. :-(

Fish curry
I think I spoil Steve too much. Late one evening, after dinner was planned he goes: I want curry for dinner. Mad scramble to see if I had ingredients, a quick trip to the grocery store and a rather thrown together fish curry. I had already defrosted the fish for something else. Fortunately, he claims this was the best curry he's ever eaten. Unfortunately, it was thrown together. I don't think I could recreate it.

doTerra flu bomb
Rather unfortunately, right at the start of the week, Steve comes home with a head cold. I immediately started dosing him with the doTerra Flubomb. It's essential oils. These are fabulous. I swear by them. I'm taking them too as a preventive cos I don't want to get sick.

Ramen noodles
I got abandoned one night and was left to my own devices for dinner while Steve went out for a boozy business dinner. I went with comfort food. Ramen noodles. I only ever eat this stuff when Steve's not around. He's not a big fan of it.

That's my week in pictures.

What about you? Do you have an Instagram account? Do you post pictures of your life? Show me. I would like to see. :-)

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  1. Mmmm Ramen noodles. Bummer on the traffic and weather! What a mess!

    1. Yeah, traffic last week sucked. Rain seems to make people stupid.