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Review: Silver Threads (Memory House #5) by Bette Lee Crosy #HelenReviews

Silver Threads by Bette Lee Crosby

Silver Threads (Memory House #5) by Bette Lee Crosby
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Book review by HelenThis is the second book I have read from this author and I really enjoy her writing style. This story is a moving and compelling one, one that I thoroughly enjoyed from page one. It kept me turning the pages and I felt the emotions that were flying off the pages. There were so many characters to get to know, both good and bad.

Jennifer Bishop is a wife, a mother and friend to many. Her husband Drew is a salesman who travels a lot and Jennifer and their daughter Brooke are often at home on their own, so when Jennifer wakes one morning with a migraine she changes her plans and this changes the lives of many people because Jennifer loses her life in a robbery gone wrong.

Drew and Brooke are devastated when they lose their wife and mother and there is a huge hole in their hearts and a hurdle to overcome to try and make their lives happy again. This isn’t helped by Brooke’s depression and the danger of Jennifer’s killer’s family wanting revenge. But unbeknownst to Drew they have someone who is also looking out for them The Keeper of The Scales - he who looks after peoples futures and does what he can to keep the silver threads connecting the good people. So when they move to another state that Keeper and his stones and threads find the right person to connect both of them to. They meet Elizabeth Cunningham who has also been through a trying time. Now happiness is what this family has.

This is such a good story the characters are believable and show characters that make you want some of them to be friends. Of course, there are those that you would not want to be friends with. It is moving and I shed a few tears along the way both sad and happy. I can highly recommend Ms Crosby’s stories. They are engaging, fascinating and such good reads.

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  1. I do not know if I have heard of this author, better check GR :)

    1. I haven't read her but Helen seems to really enjoy her books.

  2. I do really enjoy them I love her writing style they flow really easily and I love her characters :)

    Have Fun

    1. I'm glad you took a chance with her, Helen.

  3. I've read one of her books and enjoyed it. Sounds like another good one.

    1. Yes. Helen's read a couple and enjoyed them.

  4. I don't know that I've seen her books. It does sound good :)