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Review: Fireworks (from the Sinful Pleasures anthology) by Lily Harlem

Sinful Pleasures / Fireworks by Lily Harlem

Firewors (from the Sinful Pleasures anthology) by Lily Harlem
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Sinful Pleasures / Fireworks by Lily Harlem

Fireworks is a short story from the Sinful Pleasures anthology where one woman decides to take control of her lacklustre love and sex life.

Alice and Julian are away at a beach resort where Julian is attending a work-related conference and Alice is having a little downtime enjoying the beach. While Alice and Julian care deeply for each other, Alice is feeling neglected with Julian being constantly occupied with work. Instead of moping around about it, Alice decides to take charge to add some zing back into their love and sex life. What follows is Alice trying her hand at being a dominatrix which is gently handled by Ms Harlem. Since the whole dominatrix thing does not appeal to me, I am glad that this was not a hard core deep dive into the lifestyle but more Alice taking the lead and making some changes to the rut their life has fallen into. That said, I have to admit I was a heck of a lot more comfortable when Julian had enough of Alice's teasing and took control.

Fireworks is a short, fun and sexy read, and like most of Ms Harlem's work, I enjoyed it a great deal.

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  1. I haven't read this author but this sounds like a good book and I like the cover.

    1. This is an anthology. Fireworks is one of the stories in it. I love Lily Harlem's writing. She's one of my favorite authors for sexy stuff.

  2. Thank you for taking the time to review, Deanna. I'm glad you enjoyed FIREWORKS.

    Lily x

    1. Very welcome, Lily. I hope I get time to read the rest of the anthology too at some point.