Saturday, August 26, 2017

Going on vacation


I wanted to drop in quickly to say that the bloggity (and myself) are going on vacation for almost two months. We are going to the US to visit family. It's our annual trek there to visit with Steve's parents.

Jet planes flying

Since the blog schedule is not crazy and I don't blog everyday, the blog posts will mostly stay the same. I'm planning on blogging ahead since I don't have time to blog while I'm away and also won't be doing much reading.

You'll see more reviews from Helen while I'm away. Big thank you to her. I couldn't do this without her content and her support. And of course, I cannot forget Lorraine and her contributions.

Book review by Helen Book review by Lorraine

I hope you guys stick around while I'm away. I'll be sure to hop on and respond to comments so make sure you stop by and say hi.

See you when I'm back.



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  1. Have a fabulous trip I look forward to your posts while you are away :)

    Have Fun

    1. Thanks Helen. I'll pop in for sure anyway. You won't even know I'm gone. :-)

  2. Sounds exciting to be gone for 2 months, and hope you bring back some pics to share! Have fun and relax! Hugs...RO

    1. I was thinking I might do a post midway through the trip and share some pictures.

  3. Thank you. I am planning on it.