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Review: Asher (Dragons of Riddich #2) by Mel Teshco

Asher by Mel Teshco

Asher (Dragons of Riddich #2) by Mel Teshco
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Asher by Mel Teshco blurb

Mel Teshco has written an action-packed, thrilling start to her Dragons of Riddich series with a hunky dragon shifter, a feisty heroine and bad guys coming at them from all sides.

It goes without saying that I would love Asher. What is there not to love? He's a dragon shifter and we all know how I feel about dragon shifters! :-) But aside from that, he's honorable, strong and protective. Asher also has a kindness to him that will touch your heart and make it melt. There's nothing more sexy than an alpha male with a tender side.

Marissa confused me. Yes, she's feisty and brave but she's also got some emotional baggage she's dealing with. While I admired her courage, I was a bit befuddled by her insecurity and how she felt about the people she loved in her life. It's understandable once it's all revealed but it made me feel somewhat ambiguous about her as well.

What I loved best about this story was how action-packed it was. There was danger coming at Asher and Marissa from every side and with the help of a few kind people, they had one heck of a time fighting for their lives. It was quite an adventure and I enjoyed every moment of it.

I loved the mention of Kadin in the story. I hope that at some point all the dragons get reunited and Kadin is able to join them.

I've enjoyed this start to the series and I hope the next one is going to be as much fun as this one was.

One final note, if you've read Kadin and are expecting the same level of raunchiness from Asher, don't. You do get some steamy sex but you get a lot more plot and story from Asher. It's really a fun adventure ride.

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    Have Fun

    1. The list never stops growing!! But this is a good series. I love dragon shifters.