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Review: The Flaw in Raffaele's Revenge by Annie West #HelenReviews

The Flaw in Raffaele's Revenge by Annie West

The Flaw In Raffaele's Revenge by Annie West
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The Flaw In Raffaele's Revenge by Annie West blurb

DW Team ReviewThis is another fabulous story by Ms West. This one a Beauty and The Beast story with the hero being the beauty. Italian Raffaele Petri pulled himself of the streets of Italy and out of poverty with his looks and he does not speak of his past but he becomes a model, then moves on and makes a name for himself in business. He is a quiet man who is CEO of his company and lives a good life now but never forgets his past and he never stops looking for someone. Revenge is what he drives him for a wrong that was done years before.

Lily Nolan was badly scarred when she was young and keeps to herself she is a researcher. She is very good at what she does she works from her home and never ventures out much but when one of her clients rings her during the night and practically demands that she pack up in Australia and comes to New York to work exclusively for him she is stunned but in the end decides to do this. It is hard for Lily to travel that far and be in contact with people but she is determined to be strong. When she meets Raffaele, he does not shy away like most people do and there is this spark that shoots between them. Will this be the change that the innocent Lily needs to get on with her life?

This is one emotional, moving and very sensual story. One that I found very hard to put down. Both Raffa and Lily have a lot in their past that they need to come to terms with and Lily shows such strength when she stands up to Raffa. Her first kiss will have you sighing, it was so lovely. Of course, their journey to a HEA is filled with ups and downs, denials and realizations. This is a story that will keep you turning the pages. It has everything that a romance needs to keep you reading and smiling. I loved this one and can highly recommend it. It was a joy to read. It pulled at my heartstrings with emotion and love. Thank you Ms West for another must read.

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  1. Annie West never fails to make me smile in one of her stories and this on is a beauty that I highly recommend :)

    Have Fun

    1. Helen, your review made me really want to read the book. I am putting it on my list.

  2. Oh I love beauty and the beast set ups. How neat with the reversal of roles as well!