Friday, December 9, 2016

What Helen Read #8: November 2016

Helen's reading game is strong. That's all I have to say about how many books she's read in the month of November compared to my pititul TWO books!!

So many pretties ...

Aren't these a nice selection of books that Helen's read?

According to Helen, her stand out reads for the month were a romantic suspense by Sarah Barrie, Shadows Of Hunters Ridge, a sheikh by Annie West, The Desert King's Secret Heir (psst! real sheikhs are nothing like what Annie writes!), a medical romance by Louise Heaton, Christmas With The Single Dad, and for a steamy read, she enjoyed Amy Andrews' Hanky Panky Christmas (even the name sounds naughty!).

Well, here's what Helen read. What do you think? Did you read any of the same books? What did you read this month? Tell us below.

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  1. They look so pretty up there together and they all gave me so much pleasure I love that fact that I can red across so many romance genres and the choices I have can always make me smile not matter what mood I am in :)

    Have Fun

  2. Some nice looking reads! Only one I've read is the Samanthe Beck one. :)