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Review: Tempted By Her Island Millionaire by Nina Singh

Tempted By Her Island Millionaire by Nina Singh

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Tempted By Her Island Millionaire by Nina Singh blurb

Tempted By Her Island Millionaire is a sweet, romantic, and slightly melancholy story with Rita trying to find herself after a divorce and Clint thinking he doesn't need a relationship and love in his life. Boy, are the two of them in for a surprise!

For the better part of the book, I found the whole tone to be quite melancholy. That was largely due to Rita and her perspective on her life as well as life in general. Rita has just gotten out of a marriage to a very controlling man. Before that, she had her parents to contend with. They were all mostly disapproving and unsupportive of her and her life choices. This has led to Rita being lacking in self-confidence and self-worth. She's actively questioning her ability to make important life decisions and trying to find herself again. While I understood Rita's lack of confidence, I did not enjoy reading about it as much because it colored everything she did. She had moments of brightness when urged on by Clint but otherwise she spent a lot of time second-guessing herself.

Quotes“Let me ask you something. Exactly how have you moved forward since your divorce?” What did Jay or her divorce have to do with anything? “What are you insinuating? Maybe you should just come out and say it.” He bit out a curse. “Fine. You’re stuck in a holding pattern. Too afraid to move, too afraid to risk another chance at letting others down.”

Quotes“Face it. You’re stuck and it’s because you’ve chosen to be. Both in terms of your career and your relationships.” “You have no idea what you’re saying.” “I think I do. It’s like you’ve made the climb up onto that cliff. But you’re still just standing there, not ready to jump but not willing to climb back down.”

But aside from that, Rita is also a sweet, warm, kind, and generous person, and a loyal friend. She has some wonderful qualities as a person but she needs a little courage to go out and make a life for herself instead of holding herself back. When she and Clint had their showdown about how they each viewed life, it was some brutal moments of honesty between them although fueled by frustration and anger. However, I was very glad those things were said because they both needed to hear those things being said to them. A jolt against their reality and a better perspective from someone outside looking in, from someone who cared.

Quotes“You seem to keep rescuing me. Starting at the airport.” She felt him chuckle more than she heard it. “You’re hardly the type of woman who needs rescuing, Rita.” Did he really mean that? Did he see her that way? As someone strong? Independent? She felt heady at the thought. So many times in her life, the people she loved the most made sure to point out all the ways she was less. So often, Rita had spent all her energy trying to simply prove them wrong. But this man before her now seemed to think otherwise, he seemed to see her as more. It was a new experience.

I'm not sure how I feel about Clint. Right from the start, he's kind, chivalrous, a man who rides in to rescue someone in distress, who takes charge, and fixes things. But he's also a man who has been shaped by his past, left to fend for himself and his sister on his own at a young age. A man who has sworn off long term relationships because he thinks they won't work out. A man who doesn't trust that a loving, lasting relationship is achievable. For all of Clint's stellar qualities, he's also pretty clueless about his own feelings and desires. And he's afraid to look too deep to explore them, afraid of what he might find, afraid of the disappointment and hurt that he thinks he will inevitably feel. All of that colors his actions and words with Rita. Where he's outspoken about Rita facing her fears, he's somewhat blind to his own. But ultimately, I think he did the right thing when he confronted Rita because it was the push she needed to get her life sorted out. And it gave him time and distance to work through his own feelings to accepting them and embracing what love has to offer.

Ms Singh is a new-to-me author and I enjoyed her take on a diverse heroine. I think I will check out more of her books.

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    I have read one of MS Singh's books before and loved it and she is one my list of authors to read I love this line in the Harlequin books and really enjoy them :)

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