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Review: Lord of Mischief (The Duke of Strathmore #6) by Sasha Cottman #HelenReviews

Lord of Mischief by Sasha Cottman

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Lord of Mischief by Sasha Cottman

Book review by HelenThis one was a ride and half through secret challenges for the second son of a Viscount, Freddie Rosemount and the woman who jumped up to help him, Eve Saunders. You see, Eve likes to live on the wild side, and she is after a husband. When they meet the sparks fly, so hang onto your hats for a wild ride of sensual delight. But there is also a bit of a dark side to this story and to be honest, there were times that I could have hit Freddie. This is how well the book is written. Ms Cottman, she had me invested in this one and pulled me in from page one. I do very much recommend this one.

Freddie is doing his best to be accepted into The Bachelor Board, a crowd of men from the House of Commons. Being the second son, Freddie is determined to make something of himself in life, never realizing what type of men he is getting himself involved with. When he meets the beautiful Eve Saunders, he instantly finds a mate that will help him with his secret challenges, but at what cost?

Eve Saunders likes to push boundaries within the ton and is obsessed with beating her younger, beautiful sister to the altar. With the help of her brother, she is often out and about when she probably shouldn’t be. This is how she meets Freddie, and together they get themselves into a few sticky situations, but it also opens their eyes to a sensual sizzling pull that heats up as they meet new challenges.

This is a great story, fast-paced with danger and yes, there is hurt there, especially with the last challenge that is issued to Freddie. It is this final challenge that finally sees Freddie come to his senses and ask for help. But can he win back the beautiful Eve after all that has happened? I must be honest and say that I didn’t like Freddie at times during this story but he did redeem himself beautifully in my eyes. The twist at the end was fabulous. As for Eve, she is such a strong person and will be a challenge in herself, oh boy, their lives are going to be such fun. Thank you Ms Cottman, for another fabulous story.

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  1. Oh I did love this one :)

    Have Fun


    1. This sounded like fun. I haven't read a historical in a long time.