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Review: Arctic Fire (Fortis Security #6) by Maddie Wade

Arctic Fire by Maddie Wade

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Arctic Fire by Maddie Wade blurb

Arctic Fire is the story of a woman christened through violence and tragedy, holding onto her past, afraid to hope for the future, and a man who will do anything to see her happy and give her anything she wants.

I've been looking forward to this book because Kanan is my favorite of all the Fortis characters. I have adored him from the moment I met him in Stolen Dreams. His bad boy persona, his air of mystery, his lethal competence, and his way with children. It's a potent combination. In this story, he's a man deeply in love, willing to do anything for the woman he loves, even walk away from her because it is what she seems to want. My heart broke as Kanan's heart broke as Roz constantly blew hot and cold around him, bringing him close and pushing him away. He didn't deserve the treatment he got at her hands and I ached for him. And I melted to at the way he had with children. How these innocents instinctively knew they could trust him and were safe in his hands. As much as I wanted Kanan's happiness, I was also a bit selfish and didn't want to share him with Roz. For a fictional character, he certainly found a place deep in my heart.

With Roz, I am equal parts exasperated with her and in awe of her. After all she had suffered, she has managed to reinvent herself spectacularly. She's a totally kickasc woman, and totally badasc. She's tough, strong, and dangerous. But beneath her bitchy exterior is a soft heart of someone who cares and loves deeply. And who is terrified of losing those she loves. So as strong as she is, she's also a coward because she's afraid to take life and love with both her hands and jump in. It takes experiencing a painful loss, one she manufactured herself, and some eye-opening conversations with people who care about her and who aren't afraid to provide her with some tough love and harsh words to make her see that she is hiding her head in the sand with fear. Call me vindictive, but for what she did to my beloved Kanan, I wanted her to suffer and grovel to get him back. It's a good thing for her that Kanan loves her and forgives easily.

Quotes“Look at me Kitten,” he said firmly. Her eyes came to him instantly and there was trust and so much more in them that he almost broke down. “You are precious and beautiful and so strong. When I look at you all I see is strength and beauty and heart, so much heart.”

Quotes“The problem is Roz you’re so busy trying to convince yourself that you are protecting us that you can’t see that you have become the very thing you hate. You’ve become a coward Roz and the only person you are protecting is yourself.”

Quotes“What are you really scared of Roz?” Ava asked, and Roz looked up sharply. “Nothing!” “Try again.” Silence filled the room and Roz realised that by coming here she had been seeking this exact thing. A woman to talk to, someone who would call her on her bullshit and help her; a friend.

I'm glad with this book we take a little break from the craziness that is the Divine Watchers and focus on Roz's past, dealing with the monster Usov. It brings necessary closure to Roz's life and sets many of her demons to rest, but at the same time, it gives us a welcome diversion from the nutty Rhea Wilson.

We also get a glimpse into Drew's struggles as he deals with the fact that his dad was a monster and his aunt is an even bigger, crazier one. And let's not forget the surprise that is Daniel. It's the quiet ones that shock the heck of out of you! I love the twist we see in Daniel's character and I think I might have fallen in love with him in this book. I'm super excited to read his book when it comes out because y'all Daniel is all edgy, gritty sexiness.

Quotes“You’re a real badass, aren’t you?” ... “I wouldn’t say that, but not much scares me anymore. When one of the worst things in life happens to you there is not much left to be frightened off.”

Well done, Ms Wade in continuing a series I have come to love.

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  1. Fabulous review Deanna I really need to try this series I am sure I have a couple waiting for me on my kindle :)

    have Fun