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Review: Undeniable Request by Grace Risata

Undeniable Request by Grace Risata

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Heat rating: Flame  Flame  Flame 

Undeniable Request by Grace Risata blurb

Undeniable Request is a cute, quirky and somewhat surreal exploration into today's online dating world and what happens when you accept a random friend request from a stranger who immediately asks you for a favor.

Reading this story made me feel like I was on some kind of weird roller coaster ride with its ups and downs, along with some loop-de-loops, a major vomit inducing plunge downwards and a few stomach clenching twists. The writing reflects it too because it's not as smooth and seamless as I'd like it to be and the pace is a little frenetic as we dive into Miranda's dating life with a colorful cast of supporting characters around her. At times I felt like the supporting characters took up too much page space and I wanted more time spent developing the relationship between Miranda and Michelangelo (that's not his real name, by the way. Half the fun is finding out his real name at some point during the book). I think this story could have conveyed all it needed to convey with a lot fewer words and got to the point a lot faster. Still, it was a fun read. It's a bit like scrolling Facebook. Sometimes you know you need to get off it and go do something else but you just can't look away because of some drama or other that's unfolding. The writing style is a little quirky which is what lends this story it's rather surreal feel. And yet, there's a strange realism to this story that makes you wonder if this could actually happen in real life.

I liked Miranda a lot. She's a sensible girl who's had a few, okay, a lot of dating disasters. So she clicks "accept" when a random stranger sends her a friend request. That develops into a rather odd and slightly sexy online friendship that spills over into her real life when she and Michelangelo meet. I did enjoy the way Ms Risata had them meet in real life. It was a little coincidental, a little contrived but it worked.  Before long, Miranda finds herself falling for the real person that Michelangelo is. Like every normal girl out in the dating world, she faces her share of doubts, trials and dramas. It takes a little reminding but Miranda understands and realises her worth. It was good to see her stand up for herself and try to fight for what she believed in and wanted. One thing I did not like was how mean people were to Miranda. So many people kept saying to her that no way a woman like her could possibly have a guy like Michelangelo like her for who she is because he's way out of her league. That's just mean. People can be so hateful and I felt bad for Miranda. She did not deserve that. Who needs enemies when you have friends like that?

Michelangelo is a great guy in a very bad situation. His crazy internet scheme is a way for him to pay off huge medical debts from surgery. He's trying to be creative about how he makes money while he's laid up with rehab without a home of his own. Even then, he's responsible, caring and sensitive. He does make a poor judgment decision along the way but he's desperate and desperate times call for desperate measures. It's a good thing he comes to his senses at the right time and makes things right.

I found the ending a little strange and the situation with Miranda and Michelangelo left me wanting more. They end up with more of a happy for now situation and I'm happy ever after kind of girl. I wanted something more permanent for them because I'm a traditionalist at core when it comes to my romances and I like hearts and flowers and pledges of undying love.

This is my first book by Ms Risata and it was fun. I'll definitely check out her other books.

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