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Review: Garrison's Creed (Titan #2) by Cristin Harber

Garrison's Creed by Cristin Harber

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Garrison's Creed by Cristin Harber blurb

Garrison's Creed is a surprising trip down memory lane, packed with action and adrenalin as Cash and Nicola get a second chance at love.

Finally, I'm up to Cash and Nicola's happy ever after story, after reading Sweet Girl. What a trip!

I was worried I would not enjoy this story because a number of ladies in my book group said they did not care for Nicola and didn't like the way she behaved. Then some of them said, read Sweet Girl first and you'll understand Nicola a bit better and like her more. They were right. If you're reading this series, while it's not critical to read Sweet Girl first, since Sweet Girl was written after Garrison's Creed, I'd say, read it first anyway. You get a better understanding of Cash and Nicola's connection and a better understanding of Nicola. You'd get why Nicola behaves the way she does in this book.

There's a bittersweet ending to Sweet Girl and you know Cash and Nicola will meet again in Garrison's Creed. Ms Harber does not disappoint. She throws you in the thick of things right from the start and it's a fun, rollicking ride to the end.

There's a lot of drama when Cash and then Roman discover Nicola's still alive after she's been thought dead for a decade. In general, I thought it was handled really well - the shock, the hate, the guilt, the recriminations, the relief, the joy. Ms Harber delivers a lot of emotion in short, sharp punches as you live through their reunion, not just for Cash and Nicola, but for Roman as well.

Nicola is all grown up now and she's a CIA agent. She's strong, resilient and competent, and still in love with Cash. You'll discover how much at one point when she gets introduced to the Titan team. I liked Nicola a lot in this book. I spent most of it grinning from ear to ear as she and Cash circle around each other and finding their footing as adults. Cash has done stuff in her absence and gained a reputation, she has too. At times, that past comes to kick them in the butt and they need to deal with it as adults. Kudos to Cash for being persistent and not giving in. Nicola is still rather cute and at times a bit of a throwback to the college Nicola from Sweet Girl, especially around Cash when she's unsure of her feelings, unsure of his feelings. She also fights hard to be respected and viewed as the professional she is. It's a battle with both Cash and Roman who are built to protect the little Nicola they remember. It's got to be hard trying to prove yourself to tough, protective men like that, so I understand her behavior.

Cash is still wonderful. He's not much different from the Cash in Sweet Girl though older, probably wiser and still with a reputation with the ladies. When he encounters Nicola again, his world is thrown into a loop. I loved watching him adjust in typical Cash fashion. Direct, sincere and fighting for what he wants and loves. He is persistent and when Nicola starts getting antsy, he doesn't let her get away by avoiding the subject. I love that about Cash. He deals with stuff. He's adult and communicative. Probably not something you see in many guys in real life, but Cash is great. He's all macho alpha male, but he's willing to talk things through and get to the bottom of issues until they are no longer an issue. Perhaps it's his sniper training. You need to be very patient to be a sniper, lying in wait for your prey. Anyway, I loved Cash in Sweet Girl and I love him now.

Ms Harber's Titan series is fast becoming a favorite of mine. Jared's book is next and I'm definitely looking forward to it.

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  1. Oh wow, finding out that someone is alive after thinking they ere dead for so long would be an insteresting story line.

    1. It is. Cash's reactions were very interesting to read and how he came to terms with it.

  2. Ahhh! Good to know on reading in order. It's amazing how much that can change your views on behavior sometimes. I have some of hers I need to try :)

    1. Yeah, knowing the reading order was really helpful. I think it helped me enjoy the story more.

  3. The books contains many turn overs. really enjoyed it. You should start write a new book which contains more attraction than this. Good luck to you.