Tuesday, July 13, 2021

What I'm reading now and a little test #1


Hello there,

There may be a few extra blog posts this week because I am in the process of testing out a new mail service in order to send out new blog posts to email subscribers because Blogger is gettinng rid of the Feedburner service. Such a pain!

I'm a complete noob and I do not know what I'm doing, hence the testing. I need live blog posts to test if the links work. I have zero clue.

Anyhoo, to make this a little bit book related, here's what I'm currently reading.

Thank you for your patience.

Deanna, xoxo

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  1. I need to read some Ruby Dixon :0

    1. She's quite fun. She's just the right level of sexiness and intensity (not very) right now. A lot of people say she's great as a palate cleanser between heavy books. Of course, she recently went viral on TikTok too which got me thinking of her again.