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Review: My Sister's Husband by Nicola Marsh #HelenReviews

My Sister's Husband by Nicola Marsh

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My Sister's Husband by Nicola Marsh blurb

Book review by HelenWow! What a story! Sisters, secrets, lies and suspense. This one had me turning the pages and even when I had to put it down it wouldn’t go away. My thoughts were still with the characters in this story. Getting to know Alice, Diana, Brooke and Freya was a compelling journey.

Brooke and Freya have been bought up by their Aunt Alice along with their cousin Lizzie since they were very young as their parents, Diana and Cam are killed in a car accident. Alice is always there for them all equally and she shows lots of love, but it has not always easy for Alice. She has become a mum to three children under three years old at twenty three but she does the best she can with the secrets she keeps.

In their teenage years tragedy strikes and Brooke leaves their hometown determined to never return. She moves a lot but always feels lost somehow, but when she gets an invitation to her sister’s wedding and an email from her cousin to say that her aunt is not well, Brooke decides it is time to return. What she returns to will have her thinking hard and doing her best to open up secrets from the past.

This is a page turner. It is one that was hard to put down, and one that I would highly recommend. I don’t want to say too much more just that there are lots of twists and turns in this psychological thriller about families, sisters more so. A must read. I do enjoy Nicola Marsh’s stories and this one is fabulous. I loved it.

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  1. I do highly recommend this book, I am glad my sisters aren't like these ones :)

    Have Fun


    1. It sounds like quite the thriller. And yes, they are probably not the shining example of sisters. LOL.

  2. Replies
    1. Enjoy Christine, it is a great story :)

      have Fun