Monday, November 29, 2021

Let's chat and what I'm reading now #4

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Hello! I'm a bit behind on the bloggity (as usual!) and I'm here trying to get the post done for tomorrow at the very last minute (of course!). Before I get into the post, I'd like to drop a little reminder that if you'd like to get a newsletter with each post as they go up, you can sign up here.

On today's bit of random, I want to talk about perfume. The reason being yesterday we managed to stop into one of my favorite makeup stores and it was a big one in the city so they had a much bigger range. I got to smell a perfume that is very popular and I wanted to smell it. At first I didn't like it and I thought, phew, I don't like it, saved some money there. But then it grew on me and the scent lingered all night and into the morning. Darn you, wonderful perfume, I'm not obsessed with you and I do not want to buy another perfume but I love you. It's kind of a spendy perfume too. I'm thinking I might save it for my birthday and get it as a birthday gift in about four months. I can do that, right? Do you have any favorite perfumes you love? Do you love perfume?:

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On the reading front, I am currently reading a favorite author, TS Joyce. I read at least one of her books each month, but this month I'm on a bit of a binge with a series that I'm making my way through and loving it. They are all standalone books but they are set in a shared world and the stories are somewhat linked. Previous characters appear in the books and play a role. The books can still be read as a standalone but you enjoy it so much better when read as a series. The series tend to be short so it's not a big investment. About five or six books to a series. This one is a bit longer with seven but one is Christmas book which I want to get to since it's getting close to Christmas. The reason I love her books so much is they give me all the feels. I always feel as though her writing hits me right in the heart and there's so much warmth, heart, and emotion in them. They are also funny. I love her sense of humor. Sometimes it can be a bit bawdy, but she does some great jokes from the guy's point of view and those crack me up because they totally seem to me like things a guy would say. The book I'm reading now is Last Immortal Dragon and it's about that, the last immortal dragon. Damon is lonely being the last of his kind and he's lived a very long time. His right hand man is worried about him and tells him it's time for him to consider breeding again so that he can have a child to look after. Then he goes out and finds him a woman. This story is about how Damon and his woman get to know each other and fall for each other. I love the "get to know you" process that Ms Joyce writes. It's always sweet, funny, and sometimes emotional, but it always puts a smile on my face. I know I'm going to love this one.

That's it for the first lot of my ramblings. I hope you had as much fun with it as I did putting this together. Tell me what you want to see more of on the bloggity. I'd love to accomodate you.

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